Earth Day

                US and much of the world is on the edge of a great disaster pertaining to having enough to eat. Fear of the Corona virus where some have already caught it, has closed plants whose workers process, package and send chicken and pork to city markets. With processing missing, huge numbers of pigs and chicken are killed on the farm, and often dumped on the steps of the closed corporations. Eggs are pierced so no chickens are born. The absence of food for buyers will soon be known. They will not be able to order it delivered.    

Our factory farm industry first underpaid farmers who owned their farms which turned them into slaves who work to keep their farm going; then used immigrant labor the corporation paid even less until it was cheaper to import what was grown by impoverished farmers in another country. But now Russia, our wheat source is refusing to send the US wheat. They are keeping it for themselves. Other countries are bound to follow. US fish is mostly imported by mega stores from countries where the pay is low and the quality of handling produce lower. Our government now turns away ships due to the Corona virus so no more fish can be delivered.

What will hungry citizens do aside from rioting in the streets? The governing politicians will likely send the police to quiet and crush the crowd. What can people do about such scarcity? A terrible and wonderful possibility lies before us. Look at the clean air and clear water, at the animals now out of hiding enjoying the living world that we are not filling with noise and danger.

What if we stop going to ‘Big’ stores to buy cheap food? What if we form coops to create and manufacture what we need; farms to grow what we want to eat? There are no outside investors sopping up the profit and paying us starvation wages. Coop members equally divide the many businesses,’ incomes. Farmers who are reasonably paid like the rest of us, compost and till the soil so that the food is nutritious. Coop members renounce the capitalistic dream that they will one day be rich like the one percent.

We can live in harmony with nature, stop extracting oil and gas. Stop removing mountain tops for coal and polluting downhill water. No more black lung disease. We can use solar collectors and windmills and tidal energy. We build houses together a la President Jimmy Carter. We use natural products to maintain health. We  create communities in which everyone is known. Friendly greeting is the rule.

We can give up living in isolation and be happy. This is my dream, my wish, my reality.

Passionate but Lonely

Dear Citizens,

Am heart driven by the plan to set up green get-togethers in every community small and large in our world, eventually to speak together and become “one.” We will share how to preserve and save and recover from the ways we have been destroying our environment. This includes chopping down all the trees which create the oxygen we breathe as well as the sea plankton which do the same, our unceasing, careless and unnecessary use of fossil fuels, and its myriad of detrimental effects, eating all the fish we don’t throw back dead, releasing foul pollutants into land and sky and water, losing topsoil to the winds of drought and the necessity for everyone to have a royal acre to create a lawn rather than preserve our relationship to Mother Earth while growing only necessary foo, giving wildlife, our brothers and sisters, a place to live.

What I want us to do is bring together people all doing the “green thing” locally and nationally, to get together and show each other our work so that we can share and do and sell and teach. The few people, the very few absorbing the entire riches of the globe, are unimaginably short-sighted since a terrible death awaits them too. No air to breath. No water to drink. No food to eat since nothing grows in such pollution. How can these one-percenters rise above this situation with a mountain of cash?

Please write me at to become part of this wonderful way to share our power and wisdom, to learn and share and teach. It will be a wonderful experience of a growing bunch of friends. I feel my heart warming and expanding awaiting to hear from you.   

Withdraw into Community

Spoke to a friend about a comment I heard Jill Stein make about the scientific prediction that by the turn of the century half of all our animal life on earth will be extinct and we as part of this interdependent world will be gone.

She began scolding me in an excited, angry voice. Said that Jill Stein was part of a Russian conspiracy. She saw it on the internet. I responded that several US officials were at that same Putin attended dinner in Russia which did not place them in the conspiracy spotlight. Said her questioning the conspiracy of power leads those who “own it all” to discredit her. The news funded by these powerful owners is used to stealing power from rivals rather than alarm us into taking measures that concern survival.

Our current Republican government, and some Democrats too, with a corporate money fueled “burn it ” agenda do not reject Trump’s belief that Global Warming is a Chinese hoax. They say to look at the freezing weather affecting the east coast. They do not know that this arctic chill is associated with the arctic heat wave. The congress, so much funded by carbon mining and selling corporations, will not endorse the need to stop using these products. They do not consider that what is already in the air will create a world of flood and fire, a death of living things.

People need to get involved with environmental movements, NIMBY (not in my backyard) or organizations facing world demolition. People need to consider the coming food shortages as our burn-it-up philosophy leads to unavailability of food (and medicines). Importation of food will cease as fertile parts of the world turn into swamp or desert.

Join a group that raises a garden. Create a garden on your window sill. Have dehydrated stores of food for that just-in-case time. Have a store of water so that If there is a breakdown in electricity and the pumps don’t work. Have a solar collector on your window sill or get the now developing solar windows which just stick on the glass and gather energy night and day. To your energy collector you attach a battery and from them power your heating device, refrigerator, lamp, cell phone, radio.

Create a community in which people’s skills are shared. Retreat from membership in a society of 300 plus million in which the Federal Government determines whether we live or die. Create a family of man … and beast. Cut down to zero (or as close as you can) to eating animals. The way they are raised in factory farms is torture. The carbon footprint on meat is horrendous. Our bodies can thrive on veggies. Don’t fall for advertising trying to get you to buy buy buy new things to “support the economy.” Create an economy in which the money goes round and round with no rich cat walking off with most of it. Look at Mondragon, a self-sustaining huge interrelated economy in Spain started by a priest some 50 years ago. No inflation. No top and no bottom earners. No one moves out. And why would they?

Security on the job. Beauty of the surroundings sustained by a community that cares. Peace. Joy. Love.

Disaster Can Be a Money Maker

Everything is cheap to buy from an overwhelmed population and its governing body (if not to outright take from the vanquished “enemies.”} The poor part of New Orleans was under water due to a good amount of rain and an inadequate dike system in the lowest part of town populated by disadvantaged people of color. Poor people who lacked the means to flee were put into a stadium in overwhelming numbers. Food? Toilet? Medicine? Forget it.

Red Cross money devoted by thousands did not come to New Orleans. It was another aspect of enrich yourself by using money devoted to someone else’s disaster. Their excuse for using it elsewhere was flimsy. African-Americans were stopped by armed white “authorities.” Keep them in their neighborhood. Once it stopped raining, the public schools and public housing untouched by the flood were closed. Black people were removed on a variety of buses often separated from their children. They were scattered like buckshot then spent enormous time attempting to find their children. A new white middle class moved in.

Take the Canadian Keystone XL Pipe Line which has already has had 3 spills in August and groups are demanding an environmental impact investigation. What of the millions who drink from the Missouri River? The oil is sold in other countries. The number of employees is almost non-existent including people who could do something about pipe break if there are any detected signals. Drinking water for millions vs. money in the bank. Profit for the few vs. survival of the many.

Take Nestles, a lightweight candy. Nestles uses tremendous amount of the world’s vanishing water supply. Those who sell water to Nestles are not local farmers. Nestles salespeople do not drink from that tap. Crops need water. No water, nothing grows. Corporations only have one objective, to make money.

We ordinary citizens have been captured by that machine we worship, that weird construct called “the economy.” Confused and frightened, we accept the various lies and rationalizations tossed at us by those who profit. Our president cares for us. He denies the possibility of climate change as do his chosen cabinet members. Climate deniers say that it is not our fault that the life supporting things are destroyed by our pollution and greed. They say that it is merely a reflection of our planet revolving in space.

Then there is the issue of fighting. Do you believe that our country goes to war to protect us or protect citizens of another country? There usually is some conflict in a nation between the haves and the have not. If nothing can be found, actors hired by the we-need-a-war group stage a terrorist false flag operation. We point to this to say they need our aid. But aid in terms of guns and bombs is not their desired situation. Citizens may desire politicians who better represent the but dying for it is not a willing price.

Who pays for war? We pay it through out taxes. Who profits from war? Corporations (CEOs) who create the fighting tools as well as keep the spoils. They have to possess a natural resource that we can use to make money. Afghanistan has minerals. Iraq has oil. The current nation we claim needs us to assist them is Venezuela, another major source of oil.

What of our destroying whole countries: Iran, Sudan, Iraq? Thousands cross the Mediterranean Sea (many drowning), entering and moving through Europe to a country that can give them food, medicine jobs, living spaces. Germany is a favorite. It can handle a few hundred– but thousand on thousands? They are not set up for this.

But why would the US want to wipe out whole countries in-order to flood Europe with a refugee population which occupies, confuses and undermines them? The US has been losing its dominance in the European market which has decided, for example, toe refuse gene-modified food. When a nation’s governing body is overwhelmed, they cannot focus on what is being allowed into their market. They have to accept gene modified products sent by the US and other procucts previously refused. The US is dominant once more.

Afraid to Change

Now we are peering at an edge over which we must fall . We need to move  totally away from it, not  just to give the appearance of making constructive change without doing something that can be undone in a flash.  We need to not be taken in by advertising. Pseudo change  come from corporations whose paid-off politicians mouth imaginary benefits including jobs, jobs, jobs! this repeated by corporation-owned newspapers and teachers who are ill-informed by all of  the above as well as fitting in so as to not lose their jobs. Fear is not a good attitude to have when learning about what is.

Biased news sources threaten us with death or some kind of horrible existence if we move away from the corporate plan. Fear is used to close the minds of those who are needed to submit. Where is that part of us which wants to be self-sufficient? The child happily dwells in a world devoid of oil and fracked gas and overly hot seasons, a world free of flood and drought, of  drug-inoculated animals whose drug-resistant bacteria enter our bodies once the carcass is eaten to cause disease in us. These surviving bacteria cannot be eliminated by antibiotics. The world of treating infections with antibiotics will soon be over. We are creating our world as a place where antibiotics will not work. The child is not enlivened by the so-called civilized institutions which destroy life.

A self-sufficient life is frowned upon by those who would make us dependent on products they can sell. The banks are against farmer’s independence  They underprice vegetables to force farmer’s into unpayable loans until they cannot pay the mortgage and give up the farm. They chemically spray and poison underpaid factory farmers. They cause factory farmers to work at a pay-level which turns them into slaves. They poison all the vegetables and fruit and legumes and milk and meat with insecticide and growth hormone the general public will eat.  We live in a poisoned world. Is this our choice?

The American Indians were removed by the European invaders because they were spiritual beings who functioned as a group. They did not think anyone owned the land in which they dwelled. This accounts for the newly arrived starving and impoverished white men’s misunderstanding when NY Indians accepted  their offering of beads as a gift and not as the sales price for New York. it didn’t take long for the white men to discover that violence worked better than petty gifts or even phony treaties.

We are made to be dependent on outside forces but don’t want to see it that way, a false supposition which keeps us passive. We claim ownership of that on which we lean for support. The more unnecessary imposed support we seek, the more we become addicted to crutches that take away our lives. What will we do if there is another power failure? No refrigerator to maintain our food which  spoils in days and no food to be delivered. The farmer’s trucks lack power from gas pumps that do not suck oil.  No water in your tap to wash your hands or to flush your toilet. What will we do when the absence of power ends the flow of cooling water over the water pools filled with “discarded” nuclear rods at New York’s Indian Point or any other nuclear reactor?’ “Hello Fukushima.

After the explosion of the Trinity atom bomb, Robert Oppenheimer said,  “Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” We dwell in the sin of Adam who ate the forbidden apple so that God threw them out of the garden. What is that apple? Is it the apple of ownership? There is hope if we renounce a take-it-all and spoil-it-all society and live in a loving relationship with Mother Earth.

You may say we can’t go back. Got to have cars and TV and I-phones and pollution and spoilage until death. But the idea of permanence is false. There is no back and no forward. Everything is moving and changing. It is a flaw to worship the components of our current life as the only place to be. Survival has to do with moving into what supports life.

There is power in wind and sun and geothermal and tides and… There are extremely small and extremely large things to be discovered. The more we know, the more we see how little we know. There is seeing and feeling the beauty of the wild. Do not believe those who would make you afraid of change. Their motivation is short-sighted and usually selfish. We can share work on a farm or commune, can share our gifts and talents and not fall into the exploitative need for money. We can choose a place with a good water table far from leaking and exploding nuclear reactors. We share our work and talent, have more time for fun. We can bring out our instruments, drums, and whistles to play a tune. We dance and sing, write music and tell stories. We can lead a life that does not threaten. We can love.






Silence Is Not Golden

What do you know about hurricane Matthew? Most of us, not much. Matthew is mentioned by the press and by those running for office as “bad weather,” which totally leaves us in the dark. What is causing this ever mounting climate debacle? The VP and Presidential candidates do not call it climate change. They  do not explain ever increasing winds and rain as a result of human activity. They do not heed the consequences of our increasing burning of carbon- based fuel, of coal,and oil and gas. Oh no. That would upset their major supporters, corporations paying their advertising fees and the cost of their high living. It would put all of them out of business.

I listened to Mary Robinson of on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now.” She gave  a clear perspective on hurricane Matthew. First, we have oceans rising as glaciers melt into the sea. Ice-bound lands like Greenland are turning brown as ice melts so that the brown earth is exposed and absorbs heat, hence more melt. Melting permafrost everywhere releases methane, a gas that increases global warming more than CO2. Permafrost melt releases buried radioactive material. Ice does not last “forever” as was counted on by those who buried the waste, not if we heat things up.

Second, there is the turbulence. The winds outside Florida reached 104 miles per hour. There is increasing wind speed over the islands where the ocean is warmer. Huge  and expanding damage is happening to Haiti, crops ripped from the soil,  water more infected by cholera which was brought to the island by UN workers after the earthquake catastrophe.

Robinson explained that wind speed depends on the temperature of the evaporating water. The ocean is getting warmed to ever greater depth  by the outpouring of heat from our use of carbon fuel. If cold water evaporates into a storm, the turbulence slows down. If hot water evaporates, the storm speeds up.

Republican candidate Mike Pence says he supports the coal mining industry. Republican President candidate, Donald Trump states that he doubts global warming. President Obama criticized North Dakota’s mistreatment of the Standing Rock Sioux trying to stop digging of their reservation (including holy sites) to protect Mother Earth but did Obama not stop the sale of an adjacent ranch to move the oil. So-called leaders make humanitarian statements but do not follow through with effective action. They are masters of “sound bites.”

The extraordinarily tuned-out “planners” want to run ever leaking gas lines past the frequently disabled Indian Point which should be long-closed. One leak out of gas lines whose spill is touched by a flame from lightning or from a poorly snuffed-out match that falls on grass and it’s goodbye New York City and its environs.

Island dwellers are already the first to go thanks to rising waters and lethal storms.  But we, the mainland dwellers are next. Elected officials who shape the US economy and are supported by the carbon using industry, speak of building walls to keep out climate refugees. Trump and others label these refugees criminals, drug dealers, worthless parasites (by Trump, if Mexican), to keep up the myth of needed self-protection.

People object to oil trains which are exploding into their homes and towns and schools. What are we going to do about this short-sighted planning? How are we going to get our economy to use life-supporting energy from the wind, sun, geothermal, tidal, magnetic, whatever is next dreamed of that has no destructive side-effects? If the noise of these people’s objection gets loud enough accompanied by comparable voting, perhaps the “planners” will hear them.

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Homo Sapiens, Really?

Homo is defined as “man.”  Sapiens is defined as “capable of discerning.” We are used to seeing Homo and sapiens together without awareness of their meaning. Do we believe in the universal presence of  Homo sapiens when we shouldn’t?

How do we define and evaluate discerning? Our interests and motivating factors, our feelings and philosophy determine what we focus on, whether we enlarge or contract  perception of what we study. If we know a hell of a lot about an ever “object of perception” regardless of our tools, (a narrowing of vision), how do we rate our discernment? Rating  depends on the result of our perception, what we do with and as a consequence.  Discernment is not an abstract value like something floating out there light years away from contact.

Some think that a hugely contracted mind is extraordinary.  Even smallness makes connections All physical/energetic matter, no matter how small is part of the “whole.” Discernment on the highest level takes in the whole as best it can be currently understood. To see only the smallest part as unconnected  leads  to loss. Our society’s thinging of the world’s parts is all about making disconnected so our taking it and its dismemberment is regarded as insignificant. So it is with earth’s coal, oil, nuclear energy, oxygen producing trees, clean water flowing freely. Ignoring and breaking apart the world’s connection is destroying what sustains us.

Discernment is not an abstract notion. It resonates inside our bones. Discernment portends disaster. It picks up what is going on and says, “look out.” Discernment underlies our ability to survive. If we recognize and give a Latin name to some kind of rock but do not notice a tiger leaping out of the bush to devour us, the name of the rock can be printed on our tombstone. The discernment of many Homo sapiens, especially its leaders, is dominated by the need for power. The more powerful they feel the less they are able to see. Their field of awareness has a single frequency. Their philosophy is more.

The narrowness of vision is also true of those whose thinking is shaped by things focused on by TV and the written news. These consumers do not recognize that most TV stations and newspapers are owned by corporations which need to push their wares. The news offers information of which the corporation approves. Corporations own factories which make tanks and guns and bombs. In US society, most of those running for office need millions to buy advertising. Those receiving corporate money to pay for advertising will ready us for war with tales of horror and threat. Politicians, TV actors and those who write the news put forth what the corporation pays them to sell. Also, a fact rarely recognized,  TV and written news sell us to their corporate funders as consumers who will buy corporate products. News purveyors are selling us.  Selling newspapers does not make enough. Did you know  TV viewer and news reader, that you are for sale?

Discernment is narrowed by negative feelings. Fear stimulates greed which stimulates fear. Fear and greed tell us to hold onto our limited supplies, to keep what we’ve got away from “them.”  Greed tells us to take if from them first.  Advertising and corporate funded news tell us what to buy and who to fear. They engender fear which keeps us funding their weapons manufacture also to build jails against those who they claim “threaten.” With more people in jail than any other country in the world, jail is the US’s primary occupation, that and the building and selling of weapons.

The other day I saw a new invention, a non-polluting ball beloved by sea life which swims around it, lying so deep in the ocean that no boat can crash into it. The ball rolls in and rolls out with the tide. The energy created by its rolling is brought by lines to storage units from which Homo sapiens can draw power. The construction of this tide-moved ball is paid for by our taxes so the power it creates should be free. Discernment would see this invention as in tune with life, a worthy cause to fund and use. Will the politicians whose “running” is funded by environmentally destructive producers,  (fracked gas, nuclear, coal and oil), allow it to be widely known and purchased?

True discernment is exemplified by the Zen statement, if you meet Buddha on the road, slay him. Slaying Buddha means finding out the essential nature of the “all” through meditation not believing another person’s words. Many people are too desperate about survival to slow down and meditate as the newly “recovered” economy replaces jobs with computer-run machinery, if not by distant people, even children who work for far less. To put sapiens onto Homo, we have to open our eyes, ears, and mind, not to believe what we are told. If we give into the false security of believing messages which dim consciousness, destruction has to follow. If we separate from corporate-created ignorance, we will be out of the Homo anti-sapiens pack and probably anxious about our autonomy. Also more alive.

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No Such Thing As Sustainable Development

The Old Testament says that the earth was given to man to take care of. Despite the fact that many think that the bible was dictated to those chosen and inspired by the word of god, what if the Biblical idea of “given” is wrong? What if it describes ownership, an un-spiritual state of mind which has taken over our current American if not western civilization (excluding the American Indians who only saw and see themselves as sharing.) What if the god-inspirited state creates a spiritual relationship between man and god and earth? What if the divine story is that man was given to the earth along with all her living beings – plant and animal and evolving molecular structures to cohabit and take care of?

The confusion of man’s relationship to earth and all living things and natural substances like oil and gas and coal, has created an enormous controversy about man’s relationship to the all. There are those who think that there must be national parks which cannot be invaded by fracking and hunting and roads and restaurants and hotels, etc. by man inhabiting, polluting, and creating general ruination. There are those who consider creating parks old fashioned because they do not consider man’s needs as a separate and super-important category. For such people, man is the center of the universe.

There are even some in the current environmental movement who have been seduced by the current mood swing into thinking that that nature is to be used “wisely.” These are the sustainable development folk who aim to keep man going on the highest socioeconomic level. But what does getting this all this stuff take from life? Is our lack of awareness due to wearing blinders colored and framed by need? Whose need it is? Is it a natural need or one created by endless advertising framed to make us feel empty, inadequate and deprived?

The issue of Wise Use, which means taking some but not all the stuff or at least not all right now, is running its head into a wall of controversy. The word use is at the heart of the matter. Was nature created for man to use? Is man supposed to covet and hoard and take and steal and keep for himself all the uranium, coal, supposed to cut down all the trees in the Amazon to raise cattle for hamburger, to shoot big game and bring about general extinction? Are the big players supposed to take public money once designated for schools and hospitals and parks? Is the voting game rigged into winners and losers including voting machines that cannot count?

The losers include living things as well as the people sans power. In Florida, a state of endless sunlight, the solar industry has been greatly weakened by the oil and natural gas and coal companies, who both buy the state officials as well as spend money to fund endless propaganda about the tragedy of going solar. They do this to protect their absolute monopoly on electricity sales. Money and power win over the need of the general population.

We need to look at the ultimate consequences of giving into the corporate principal of profit at any cost.  Chop down every tree, there will be no air to breathe. Use gas, oil, coal to power everything, accidents and pollution will kill the rest of us. Create wars over who owns the oil and create an endless procession of refugees who lack a home. Raise the world’s temperature and watch islands sink beneath the rising seas with great cities going next. It goes on and on, shortsightedness pertaining to having more which will kill all of us.

What if the essential message instead of use is share as part of a living family? The emphasis would be on preservation. What of those starving families who need to cut down trees in order to plant and eat? Why are there so many of them? The pharmaceutical industry, afraid of losing money will not let them create generic copies of pills for birth control. Although next to nothing would be lost by people who lack money, the idea of profit guides corporate action.

The idea of making profit, a corporate idea has entered the general population as an accepted principle. The governing people who must come up with megabucks to run for office are in the pocket of corporations which give them the money they need to run. Their concern with human welfare, animal survival, park survival, with anything concerning general care must be ignored.

If the government allotted each person running for office a certain amount to use for advertising and disallowed any other spending; if it had the campaign run say for a month, there would be tax money for schools and day care and park sustenance, for cleaning the environment. Laws would be passed and upheld to end further pollution, Medicare for all, etc. We would regain our spirit of connection.


























When Columbus landed in San Salvador, the Arawak Indians, living in ease and splendor greeted him as friend. They as did most of the Indians, lived on Mother Earth as her gift to them. There was no ownership. The act of sharing was with ever expanding kinship which included friends. Plants and animals were related to as siblings, earth, sun and water as divine. As in any family, the emphasis was on keeping all alive.

Columbus looking at these relaxed and friendly “savages,” stated that with 50 men, he could turn them into servants, by which me means slaves which he did. He caused the extinction of a vast number digging for gold, the most valued object of man. He sometimes killed them just for sport. He had guns. He worked those native who could not escape to death.

Columbus saw the Indians and island produce as things to own, use, use up. This life philosophy has grown to the point where the whole earth now is regarded as an object. Thanks to advanced ways of seeing what is down there, there are no wild places left. All is assessed for its monetary value, for its purpose in what you manufacture or collect. There is no seeking the consequences of your collection beyond the now.

People can be looked upon as commodities as well. Why now do we have 25 percent of the world’s imprisoned people when we are only 5 percent of its inhabitants? Poor people, largely black and Hispanic are not longer needed to work in factories. That work has been shipped to areas of the world where people work for less, are without health benefits, retirement pensions, vacations.

What to do with the unemployed auto workers as in Detroit from which the automobile industry has fled? Put them in jail for all kinds of minor offenses. Jailing has become a main industry in the US and is farmed out to private agencies which can make 50 thousand dollars a year for a prisoner. They offer few services, health care, education, job training. Rehabilitation and a successful return to society are not their goal. Unemployed man is a commodity to the jailing corporation. We the tax payer pay the bill.

We have been educated and shaped by TV, raised to be consumers, given credit cards which encourage us to “get it now” and pay later, taught to see the world in terms of what we can get from it.  Lately and increasingly, it is becoming difficult to be so blasé, ignorant and hungry. Treating the world as an inanimate object to own, use up, destroy, forget, has gone beyond the earth’s capacity to recover. Now the temperatures are rising due to our burning things: coal, gas, oil, wood. The oceans due to ice melt and are reclaiming low islands first and then our coast line with all the major cities. Dehydrated forests are bursting into flame. Warm oceans are killing all the fish from plankton up. Everywhere there is death: butterflies, polar bears, animals small and large…. And at the end of the chain of life is us.

How to get out of this, if indeed we can, if it isn’t too late? The world is alive, every molecule. We need to see it, feel it and treat it as so. We are to share and love and sustain life, to live without any sense of ownership. We need to stop needing and getting “things” so that life small and large can find a place to be again.

We may not want to know this because the anxiety of awareness is so high. If we hide out heads in the sand a la ostrich, we can count on losing everything. To love the earth, Mother Earth is to feel the pain of loss, to feel what our exploitative ways have destroyed, to be driven to live differently. To love is to feel. There is no other way.


The Problem of I Instead of We

We in up-to-date society have been increasingly raised with the concept of what we own. The old folk did not own property. Tribal members helped each other and shared the space with all living beings. They were visitors here who sustained life. The modern preoccupation of having more reflects our feelings of inferiority. It is a universal kind of hiding for which the more we manage to acquire, the less valuable we feel. Then we try to get still more of it as if this is a cure for our sense of emptiness. The obsession with having more is an addiction.

This ever expanding need for more which goes beyond the loving and healing bounds of man’s relationship to Mother Earth is causing the demise of everything around us including self. Our government refuses to see its hand in causing this disaster. It defers to corporations which need to sell their goods and labels what they do as environmentally sound. The government is too connected with financial support from these developers to make an objective evaluation. You need distance from what do and not be focused on personal reward to see a larger image. If you are obsessed with one thing and one thing only that is what you see.

We moderns have reached a fever pitch that rocks our life boat. The sheltering earth which protects all life cannot tolerate further expansion. In order to survive, we need to shrink. The government has to take off its blinders. It needs to stop supporting life threatening ventures, e.g. more cars instead of trains; more roads instead of train tracks, more drilling for gas and coal and oil instead of a house-sized and nation-sized solar power stands, sun instead of tar sands,  wind instead of nuclear radiation and explosion, bands of windmills flanking our shores.

There would be plenty of work, a new kind of work created by in our having less and going natural. There would be tons of jobs creating and installing windmills and solar collectors, jobs inventing new kinds of collectors which are simpler and cheaper, like an absorbent screen you put on your windows to collect solar power night and day. There are so many fascinating ways to have less stuff and know that you have more. You have more of the good stuff. You and your offspring and the animals and plants are surviving.

What has taken over our ability to relate to the negative consequences of having more? Some see it as our having divorced ourselves from our natural association with the Earth Mother.  Some call it a testosterone revolt, a moving into power for its own sake. Now we can be violent with Mother Earth, treat her as an object, see her as a shelf full of things for the taking with local people often native standing in the way to be removed; we can extract her guts and call them resources without the pangs of conscience. And even if there are pangs for some, we see it as unavoidable whose consequences we will somehow later fix.

Scientists devote themselves to discovering the methodology of extraction. They spend little time on how to deal with associated destructive accidents that always happen. They say they are prepared for these but aren’t. Preparation costs money which lowers profit. Preparation keeps them out of the market in which time is money.

The California air is full of methane from the explosion of gas wells. We are told it will take months to cap them if they can. But the air is polluted with methane greatly increasing the Greenhouse effect. The sea is full of oil from underground explosions. The scientists from the digging company do not know get it out. Instead they make it look good by using a chemical which drives the oil to the bottom which in turn destroys all the plant and animals that live there.

The ordinary citizen, trained to expect more does not see and does not want to see what is happening. His anxiety would be too great if he takes it in. He takes a child’s position towards a parent. If his leaders say it is safe, it must be safe. It is easier psychologically to go on along with destructive behavior than to face the negative and life threatening consequences so that you must martial forces to force it stop. Going along with what you should reject is an example of psychological denial.

The compulsion to get more has to do with creating a surplus. Instead of every living creature at the same watering hole, we put up fences and keep it all for ourselves. We translate life forms into money which we put into the bank. Instead of living thankfully with all of nature’s children, we only think of the I. The more we focus on the I, the more relationship of all things is left out. Those intent on expanding their possessions use destructive tools on ever greater regions.  They bear down on that portion of the earth which holds what he needs. They develop instruments to dig it up and take it away. They sheer off mountain tops to more easily get at the coal. Do they look at the disaster left behind and the lives of the people who live there?

They focus on what they need to extract from the planet on which they dwell. To dismiss unintended injury and death they call it collateral damage. We use the term collateral damage in wartime. I aimed at the armed soldier but shot the child – unintended. Mother Earth is being torn apart. We are shooting bullets into her body but do not understand that her increasing hurricanes, typhoons, oceans rising to take away great cities, growing deserts, melting permafrost releasing methane, cutting the rainforest to grow hamburger cattle for a few year until the grass runs out, the forest which creates oxygen and is called the lungs of the world, all these terrible and synergistic events which are leading to the breaking point, are Mother Earth’s cries for help. Saving her means saving us – is up to us.