Time’s Up

Now the Republicans have voted to take it all away. The “it” in question is all that money can buy, as well as having more money in their bank accounts. The “it” represents all that earth contains that they can take and make their own. The greedy and powerful have done this little by little over time but now they want it all. They hide their entitlement under the illusion that newly acquired money does good for the poor, but more often call the poor lazy, enjoying joblessness rather than working a 40-hour week and not making enough to basic their basic needs.

Why do the obscenely rich need more? It has nothing to do with growing the economy since the absorbed money will only hoarded in off-shore accounts or used to buy other companies, not to create more jobs, but generally resulting in job cuts to increase revenue. Taking away jobs and potential to earn money will destroy the economy since the middle class needs money to buy its products. The rich seem to promote the feeling that they are a better species than the poor but secretly fear the opposite is true.

The “takers” get to wear a crown of money. They are the new aristocrats. How did we , the majority get into creating royalty, people we are supposed to serve and worship? Is it the child to parent experience reemerging? The rich have a castle on the hill with armed guards to keep us out. We slave for a pittance thrown our way, live in tiny houses or in one large structure divided into sections by families.

You can look at this vast demotion from a positive perspective. We can become a group instead of solitary individuals entranced by shallow TV programs or by newscasts touting war. We learn how to meet our needs when the social system fails. Money now lacks meaning since there is nothing left to buy. We can hate and rob our neighbors for having what we lack. Thinking and acting this way enforces out true poverty. We can do it otherwise.

The newly created royals attempt to get us to turn against each other, white against black against gay against Latino against trans… Getting us to divide and attack each other keeps them safe. The royals are frightened of people impoverished by them. Even slave masters slept with a gun beneath their pillow. It wasn’t enough to separate people speaking the same language, to keep them from learning to read and to work them from dark to dark. It wasn’t enough to insist they all came here on slave ships and had no skills despite the growing evidence that Africans sailed and inhabited the Western world a thousand years before the purported birth of Christ, as researched in depth by Ivan Van Sertima and David Imhotep. It wasn’t enough to lie about black history so that the current “owners” can claim divine right.

We need to think of ourselves as a loving population, to figure out how to grow food, to create natural medications from herbs and plants to share our skills, to trade services and goods. We need to store the food we grow. We need to turn away from the worthless classification passed down to us by the rich. We need to create a life we can enjoy with friendship and mutual support as its basis. We can make music and dance.



The Corporate Agenda is for Dying

Their eyes, the eyes of those who have the power to decide, are on making more money now. Later doesn’t exist for them. Needing ever more money is a form of addiction. Their eyes are on making money from the ways that worked for them before, the ways they already are invested in. Change is expensive and therefore to be suppressed, ignored, minimized. The way that made America rich is based on extraction including extracting work from slaves. Take it, dig it, cut it out, net it, use all ways of taking, pay off (bribe)those who have the power to stop you including Congress people. The theme is take take take take take.

Using enormous nets, fish out all that lives in the ocean (discard the species you do not want. Think that the quantity of fish is endless. You have to think that to make your taking moral. Ignore reports of their dwindling and total extinction. Dig more coal. Clean coal as the President calls it. Ignorance united with greed shapes his speech. Dig for oil in national parks. Now they are going for parkland in the north where, a huge number of birds fly to propagate. Sell the parks or cut them way back to mine them and overcharge entry. People are seen as worthless eaters who soon will be replaced by AI. Put pipelines through Indian reservations. Ignore the endless leaking pipes carrying corrosive oil by pipes not built to handle it. Despoil areas that produce our food and water. Science will fix it, won’t it? When?

Hunt the biggest and oldest in the pack of caribou, bears, seals, elephants… the elders  breed the strongest offspring, they lead the herd and train the young’uns. But they look good mounted on your wall. Ignore the potential power source of sun and wind and geothermal and tides. Arrest those who march against this, the tree sitters and tribes praying for water. Spray them with water in the freezing cold, tear gas them, shoot, maim and kill them. Run them over with your car or truck. Arrest those who make noises to scare away the game. Label them terrorists.

Remember the interdependence of life. Take down trees in the Amazon to grow short-lived grass to feed soon-to-be hamburger meat whose top soil soon blows away so you have-to move on. Cut more trees. No trees. No oxygen. Take away the money for medical care and education and park care and roads maintenance and railroads. Keep it for the 1 percent who never have enough. Stop funding birth control as the world population explodes and jobs disappear in an AI world.

Pretty soon you have raving and starving and sickly people in the streets and at your nation’s gates. Where are the rich and the rest of us going to hide when the world explodes with unmet needs?


The Big Suck

First it is the military, using violence to control of the world at enormous cost to tax payers, above %50. Now it is something else. Things will deteriorate for everyone except those in the economic one percent. The new so-called “advancement” is extolled by advertising as the thing we need to have. How easily we fall for a sales pitch. Sigmund Freud’s nephew set the whole thing up. Convince people they are incomplete and get them to buy the object that will fix them. Doesn’t work? Buy something else.

The new cure-all is already here and gaining converts. It is the robot. Robots can do the job for us. This means replace us. Robots can wait on tables. They never take a day off and don’t require pensions. They are awfully cheap to build. Robots can drive cars (not quite perfectly at this point) and trucks. Robots can perform surgery better than the best human technicians. The robot’s hand can get in anywhere by changing parts and robot’s brain can call on encylopedic information about the body as well seek techniques to fix a problem. No one thinks badly about the hospital robot that fixed your heart or brain. You may even “personalize” the robot into a “someone” rather than an “it.”

You might like to think that the time saved by these robotic devices will result in more time off for you, more vacations and fun with friends and family. You might think that the world will become a more beautiful place with everyone sharing and enjoying leisure, holidays, clubs, talents, sports.

No. You are living in a dream. As it now is being considered, computer- driven machines will lead to greater profit for the people who own the factories. And you my friend, will be unemployed. Starvation, war, disease, death will follow.
What do we do about this? I strongly empathize the word we. We as a group need to determine the way our society is moving, not leave it up to the billionaire money -makers whose main goal is having more. It may be nothing but good for them but be mostly bad for us. We the majority need to remember the first rule of democracy. Majority rules.

FDR created Social Security in response to the Great Depression. This needs to happen again and the force to cause it comes from us. Perhaps we cannot eliminate all robot-workers but some jobs we want to keep. We want to use our handicrafts and wisdom and creativity. We want to use our skills. We want to work together and for one another as a method of uniting. Robots do not unite. They are machines. That the machine we program might become smarter than we and take over… nothing like the unexpected consequence leaping out of your un-examined desires.

We need to force the elected official to respond favorably to our needs. We need to do this despite the congressional buy-off by corporations. It is best to start with local reps. We need to remember and indicate that robot-workers create the human unemployed who lack money to purchase the robot’s creation. A worker free operation on a broad scale, can only turn into a worthless endeavor.

Very interesting discussions of this by Lee Camp in Redacted Tonight; also by Jim Hightower in The LowDown. Do subscribe.
Elan Golomb