Earth Day

                US and much of the world is on the edge of a great disaster pertaining to having enough to eat. Fear of the Corona virus where some have already caught it, has closed plants whose workers process, package and send chicken and pork to city markets. With processing missing, huge numbers of pigs and chicken are killed on the farm, and often dumped on the steps of the closed corporations. Eggs are pierced so no chickens are born. The absence of food for buyers will soon be known. They will not be able to order it delivered.    

Our factory farm industry first underpaid farmers who owned their farms which turned them into slaves who work to keep their farm going; then used immigrant labor the corporation paid even less until it was cheaper to import what was grown by impoverished farmers in another country. But now Russia, our wheat source is refusing to send the US wheat. They are keeping it for themselves. Other countries are bound to follow. US fish is mostly imported by mega stores from countries where the pay is low and the quality of handling produce lower. Our government now turns away ships due to the Corona virus so no more fish can be delivered.

What will hungry citizens do aside from rioting in the streets? The governing politicians will likely send the police to quiet and crush the crowd. What can people do about such scarcity? A terrible and wonderful possibility lies before us. Look at the clean air and clear water, at the animals now out of hiding enjoying the living world that we are not filling with noise and danger.

What if we stop going to ‘Big’ stores to buy cheap food? What if we form coops to create and manufacture what we need; farms to grow what we want to eat? There are no outside investors sopping up the profit and paying us starvation wages. Coop members equally divide the many businesses,’ incomes. Farmers who are reasonably paid like the rest of us, compost and till the soil so that the food is nutritious. Coop members renounce the capitalistic dream that they will one day be rich like the one percent.

We can live in harmony with nature, stop extracting oil and gas. Stop removing mountain tops for coal and polluting downhill water. No more black lung disease. We can use solar collectors and windmills and tidal energy. We build houses together a la President Jimmy Carter. We use natural products to maintain health. We  create communities in which everyone is known. Friendly greeting is the rule.

We can give up living in isolation and be happy. This is my dream, my wish, my reality.


Ordinary people are coming awake. They see that they are caught in a climate change catastrophe due to flood or drought so that nothing grows or are baked by the sun or sickened by disease carrying insects or… the negative possibilities are endless. They lack the money to flee. They cannot keep their heads in the ground a la ostrich. They cannot say “not me.”
First to resist extractive corporations attacking Mother Earth are the Indigenous people. Unarmed Indians in the US North West stood against white men with attacking dogs and guns who wanted to put a pipe across the Cheyenne River to carry abrasive Tar Sands oil to the other side. The Cheyenne River leads to many others. Tar sands oil has already had many breaks. Oil sellers tell us we have no other choice. Indians are forced to defend their resistance to pollution in court.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, is cutting down trees in the Amazon to make money which includes raising cattle there for hamburgers. He denies deforestation causes a loss of oxygen for us all. He calls cutting down Amazon trees his national right. Those who come to cut the trees murder natives who stand in their way. We hamburger eaters kill for that.

The Marshall Islands, 2 meters above the ocean speak of building walls. All over the world, people who live on their own produce are dying of starvation. Young girls are put into marriage merely to survive.

Then there are children first stimulated to act by now 16 year-old Greta Thunberg who points out that politicians sold their souls to the money makers a long time ago. These politicians must be pushed aside. She speaks real facts to the fantasy of life-saving changes made some day. Young folk flock to her. They know that it is their lives are on the line. They cannot be turned away from incipient disaster.

Then there are the unions. So long pushed into non-existence by the corporate world that wants barely paid and dutiful workers. They are coming together again as a powerful force. The teachers are treated as non-entities in schools that barely count. They are on strike. They are supported by parents, holding out for smaller classes, available books, computers and trips and free lunches. They hold out for not letting impoverished schools damage their children. They do not want aggressive testing that leads nowhere. Expensive schools do not make education a trial.

The automobile industry is rising-up against allowing corporatists take their jobs to where people work for way less, no pensions, no health care, no vacations. It is a growing recognition that all of us poor folk and shaky middle classes need to hang together. The demonically driven wealthy want to sap our strength in order to feed their bank accounts. They need us to comply. There is no more profit if we don’t give in.

As Richard Wolfe, Ph.D. says, workers need to take over their factories planning to leave the country to go where labor is cheap. These trained workers need to set up a relatively flat hierarchy of workers who redistribute profits among themselves, not have an owner who takes the money elsewhere.

Richard Wolfe, PhD loves Mondragon, a coop started by a priest in Spain some 50 years ago. The Mondragon community has grown to perhaps 50,000 workers in all kinds of shops. You can take courses there and learn how to bring Mondragon to where you live. There is very little salary difference from those with a lot of training and those with less. There is little income threat in Mondragon society although Spain is wrecked by inflation.

Union membership, worker ownership, these are forms of genuine civilization. Let us join them.

Kids Lead the Climate March

Adults speak about environmental problems but are too busy or distracted to do anything about it. Busy includes hanging out, buying stuff, traveling, getting a new car and so forth. It is not until climate disaster is at their back door that they become alerted and usually overwhelmed.

At this time, it is those who do least to pollute that are hardest hit. Drought keeps their crops from growing so they starve. Flood takes their crops and houses and electric lines and water. Hospitals are wrecked by typhoons and under-supplied with drugs. Gangs attack helpless victims for whatever they can get. Then these victims flee to the US border.

Our president who refuses to believe in climate change calls the fleeing victims “enemies”; labels them rapists and gangsters who will harm us. Says the kids who the adults walk with are not their own, only an act to get by our borders. His/our keeping the children in cages away from their parents, from which they will never recover. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) tends to last for life. He does not believe in climate change and takes no blame for the corporate behavior which is destroying life on earth. Trump even spoke of the getting together with his favorite dictator.

Right now I am concerned whether to pay my dues to FEMA should my nearby river once more flood my house and I need FEMA insurance to recover. Trump just promised to take 155 million dollars from FEMA to build more cages for the children or is it to build his wall? I asked my insurance people if they knew about it. The woman said the money was still there and she didn’t want to discuss politics. She is a head in the ground ostrich who knows nothing about the climate.

Greta Thunberg, now a 16 year old activist woke up to the disaster age 8, 9, 10. Her distress turned into a serious depression when she saw no one, including parents and sister doing anything about it. She stayed home from school for more than a year, all the time reading about the climate. So sad, she was relatively mute. Didn’t eat and lost a lot of weight. Then she began to see that she could do something which lifted her spirits. She sat in front of the Swedish Embassy with a sign saying Climate Strike all day for 3 weeks until there was a vote. Then she sat on Fridays. She still does even on the wind powered sail boat coming to the US.

Kids began to hear about her Greta. Some came to sit with her; some began to sit with her around the world.  They tried to talk to their money-hypnotized politicians. More and more kids began to react. Greta warned the frightened politicians that the kid/activists are not going to disappear. She said that the parents are acting like children so the children need to take necessary action. Kids are watching species disappear; learning about people starving and drowning.   

The 9/20’s Climate Crisis march in New York was wonderfully full of all kinds of people, 250,000, but most of all of kids. They had signs that were funny and terrifying. They chanted, “This is what democracy looks like.” Real leaders are emerging, people who know they have everything to lose if they do not stop the environmental landslide.

A mind contained by the idea of getting new things is a way to keep us blind. We cannot buy survival when the air and water is polluted. We all breathe the same air. We cannot survive with the lack of oxygen should we cut down all the trees in the Amazon. We cannot create food the soil does not produce. We cannot push back the rising seas that engulf our cities.

Act to conserve life and stop the industry generated life supporting- train wreck.