Fearful Thinking Will Kill Us



How did we get to the place where we stopped thinking of ourselves as part of a universal family? Your health and welfare and mine go hand in hand. Why now do we allow the one percent to totally rob us of our taxes to create new mansions they will live in whenever they get tired of the old one and to arm the warring factions so they can bring back the spoils? Those who would do this repeatedly tell us via TV and internet and papers on their payroll, that we are in danger. They beat the drum of helplessness and danger to magnify public fear until the warrior class is told to go ahead.

How did this community which supported peace and sharing change into one of it’s in it for me? How did a secure community turn into a powerless entity?

David Imhotep, Ph.D. found in his amazing research that blacks were the first ones in the Americas and came here some 40 or 50 maybe 60 thousand years ago. The number keeps getting bigger, using carbon dating and thermal luminescence of stone tools used some 50 to 100 thousand years ago. The Africans first came to Brazil. Writings found in caves using a combination of Egyptian and a kind of Hebrew script to tell their story.

They first built enormous mounds and then moved on to creating Pyramids. These enormous structures show people working together, as do their African plants dyes, styles of sculpture, etc. They smelted iron ore into iron. They were artists, engineer, astronomers, traders, healers, shaman. These mounds and pyramids are found around the globe. No one can figure out how so-called “primitives” raised enormous rocks weighing tons to great heights to create architectural symmetry. Place temple openings in terms of sun and moon and solstice and even Orion, a planet, were precise. We of the so-called more advanced culture, deny (and destroy) the products of these ancient cultures. We do it to sustain a myth of superiority.

Imhotep posited that it was the encroaching ice age that turned humans against group membership. It became I hold onto what I’ve got to survive. You are my enemy for wanting it. When the cold penetrates and there is little food, each family or individual is for itself

Focusing on self-interest is currently exacerbated by life-threatening climate changes caused by us. Money and power have caused us to let this happen and are not letting go of their hold. Money in their narrow focus is more important than survival. The publicists they support diminish their role in creating pollution and extol ever increasing warfare, said to protect ourselves from a fictitious enemy nation, basically to steal. We kill as we go. We, the public dwell in an emotional hell in which everyone who is of the wrong color, language, religion… is the enemy. We join the army because there are no jobs and learn to kill the “enemy.” We scream with programmed joy and rage while destroying schools and hospitals and water purification plants and fields and grandparents and children and… We are disassociated from life, turn into rabid, fearful plunderers who expect a solitary death.

We need to see ourselves and all life including plants and animals as a family and turn away from corporate violence before their incited violence erases us all. We need to form ever larger groups, no one left out.  We are all of the same genotype: human.


Seeking Comfort

Seeking comfort puts an end to growth. We are raised in a culture of addiction. Subduing pain is our primary focus. We ignore that pain is a cue to what needs attention. No questioning of cause. A cue tells us some part of our thinking, acting, or feeling is underused, misused, misunderstood, overfed. You name it.

That is the baby origin of of the pain. Then there is the current reality of  pain caused by being poor, overworked, unemployed, sick without necessary insurance of any insurance so no treatment is in sight, having, an unfed children, missing many of the basic necessities, in debt to your credit card, if you have one,  with no way out. There are the sexual outsiders, gay or trance people rejected by family and society. All of these individuals faced by problems they cannot solve, turn to addictive substances for relief. Is the issue for them getting off the drugs a “just say no” situation as Nancy Reagan once intoned? No. the drug taking will likely vanish if the government offers jobs and social services to help those who have accepted the worthless image.  

Those who extol the value of drugs do not want to deal with the facts. Many of them are supported by the drug industry which blinds or seduces them to underlying causes. oOur true dreams are ignored, dreams of becoming fuller people seeking what is meant by enlightenment, what is meant by loving. To get to that sacred place, we need to know our disowned and rejected and destructive parts, the buried places in self, created by a childhood lack of love. It is the child’s need to cover up the pain and fool the self which suppresses later growth. The grown adult self walks through an internal weed filled garden seeking the mystical gate. But there is no way around or out. The gate is not in some distant place. The gate is inside us and opened by weeding the garden and planting nutritious and beautiful and helpful growing things in whatever way you perceive it.

The idea that we should focus on avoiding or ending pain without getting to the root of it has a lot to do with money—not our money, but the money of those who sell pain relievers in many forms, especially the pharmaceutical industry pushing drugs to end anxiety, worry, obsession, fear, hallucination, addiction. The drug itself becomes addictive since our need for it grows as the underlying issue pushes into our awareness. Take a pill the manufacturers scream or beg, and your problem will end. But no, it resides beneath the chemical ice and reappears once you give up the pill even stronger than before due to the time you spent not dealing with its screaming need.

You were an unloved baby and now you act as if love is insignificant, so long as your consciousness is quelled by a drug. You feel discomfort when stopping. The drug industry and the doctors who are its foot soldiers insist that this proves you need even more if it.

Do not be seduced and distracted. You are detoxing, getting rid of the drug chemicals stored in the liver, the fat and elsewhere which harms you. You are disowning as a historical event, the way you as a child dealt with the unbearable. Don’t make a religion out of finding ways to cover up. The gold you seek is knowledge that will set you free.