Democrats Are Acting to Lose

Noam Chomsky woke me up about how the Democrats are arranging to fail. The Republicans are horribly embarrassed by Trump’s outrageous behavior: molesting and insulting women, mocking the disabled, scorning Muslims, maligning people from south of the border calling them druggies and thieves, pseudo parents using unrelated children as a front. He condemns anyone who votes against him and recently threatened violence. While the Republicans can’t stand the man for all of this behavior, the main thing he does makes him their star. He funds corporations and gives tax breaks to the super rich. That is what they want. The Republicans who only appeal to the seriously wealthy, have scooped up the red neck southerners by attacking abortion and the anarchic militarists by supporting guns. The uber rich actually don’t care about abortions or guns. They care about power.

The old Democrats who one time stood for labor, have an open field now to win if they support basic life support. But they don’t. They say little or nothing about global warming, about solitary confinement, putting undocumented immigrants in walled in spaces the size of a bathroom which makes them insane and frequently suicidal. They do nothing about separating immigrant children from their parents, say nothing about Trump and his cronies undoing restraints on pollution. They say nothing about our president being the most dangerous man in the world because he denies global warming and does what he can to increase it. They are paralyzed because their corporate sponsors call the shots.

Instead of focusing on the immanent disaster caused by president and his swamp cronies, the Democrats use distraction. They focus on something unimportant as if it counts. It’s Russia and Putin all the time.  They talk about how Russia affected our election. But the Moeller report does not support this. A hotel in Russia bearing Trump’s name does not buy an election. The vote is affected by who we allow to vote via gerrymandering and by who gets the cash to campaign.

Democrats talking about the Russian influence totally miss the issues; kids attend schools that are falling apart, too few underpaid teachers, too many kids and few supplies; they don’t act to stop kids and older folk from getting shot in school, in clubs, in cars. When they hear about a new mass murder, they ask for a moment of silence. Hooey. They are sorry about unaffordable medical care but do not control or terminate insurance companies that make vast incomes by funding little.  They do nothing about the forests burning and drought turning land to desert, about the rising sea level and endless rains that flood, about the heated air and species dying everywhere.

Why are Democrats silent about the spreading 6th great extinction? Most likely the cause is as it always is: money. The Democrats, once the worker’s party is now on the corporate payroll. The corporations want to sell war toys everywhere. They want to keep digging for oil while oil and gas and coal set the world on fire. They fund the people who run for office. If elected, these money slaves will vote to please their paymasters. Ignore if their product kills a few thousand or millions. Deny if their product kills life on earth.

The old Democrats, the millionaire kleptocrats, may have already lost the election. The new young ones may set alive the response of voters whose needs are totally ignored. Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar and other young senators have to speak for the “little guy/gal,” hear the cries of ordinary people begging for help. Perhaps then, if it isn’t too late, “45” will not be in office again.


Our Democracy is Programmed to Fail

We are headed to that loss by not dealing with reality.

Take the Democrat’s preoccupation with Trump’s holding Putin’s hand as evidence of collusion. Moeller said forget it. No good evidence. Why do Democrats keep talking about Putin when clear evidence of government destruction is there before our eyes?

Who can deny that taking babies and children away from their mother is anything but destructive? It creates children grown into adults (if they survive) who will suffer from endless isolation, post traumatic stress disorder, unmet needs, inability to trust anyone or anything for life. We are told that the grabbed immigrant children are in “summer camps,” barbed wire fenced enclosures traded for huts out in the desert full of innumerable kids wailing for their parents or silent, defeated and emotionally destitute. ….

Who can justify jailed immigrant children dying of untreated ailments soon after capture? That has not happened to processed immigrant children for decades and not in any number. Aspirin if given at all does not cure the flu. And who of us knows about the torture of putting just rounded-up people, entire families into iceboxes, (Spanish word is “nevera”) without blankets and clothing – keeping them there for days before letting them out, sick, overwhelmed and helpless? Why do we not know about this? Are people in government ashamed of it? Would they do this to their family and children? Would you?  Can we vote for people who endorse it?

What about Kansas’s Kris Koback’s contrived “Cross Check” list that allows people to be erased from voting centers due to a list in some other state or region on which people with only partly similar names are written? Most of these registered people have names with a black or Latin ring and thought to mostly vote Democratic. Cross Check gets rid of them, clearly a scam.

Every one of these events and many more, is like having termites dig on the foundation of your house. The house is your democracy. If we keep ignoring government’s war on what is good and decent about our common life, the structure has to fall.


Prisons Support Crime

Prisons have become a business, a very sadistic, thoughtless affair. The business of jailing is increasingly cut off from rehabilitation. Being tough on crime” means not allowing prisoners to attend college there, not teaching them a skill which will earn an income once they are out. Being in prison means working for a few dollars as you are rented out to large corporations.  Once arrested there is very little chance to support your dream of becoming a useful member of society.

Let us start with parole. The parole board is an essential part of inflicting hopelessness. Because of the way it operates, I have to say that it should not exist at all. Let’s say that the prisoner has served his time often allocated by a judge, because he was too frightened to appear before a jury and also, because he would serve a huge amount of time in jail awaiting trial since he lacks the money to post bail.

Say that now his judge-allotted time has been served so he comes before the parole board to discuss leaving confinement. But they do not look at his excellent time there, no fights, no drugs, doing volunteer work – you know earning the kind of report card that gets young people into college. No. It does not count. The parole board talks about the original crime that got him/her there and gives another 5 years locked up based on that and another 5 years again after the next appearance before them. What does a person so trampled down by all this learn in prison? To go on with a life of crime, the only profession that he knows.

So, we need to end parole. Reinstate education and psychotherapy and social work for the prisoner and their entire family. But the prison corporation “screams” we can’t afford that. A lie. The cost of keeping a person locked up in jail is more than all of the suggested therapies and education combined.

Do we want a peaceful society where people trust each other? Institute a society of mutual regard and help. Then we won’t need to lock our doors.

People who can’t get past their own early disturbing life can live in places that do have locks but are otherwise set out to teach and help and care. If society was set up to educate and help the entire population instead of stealing social services from the non-rich (Medicaid, Medicare, Aid to Dependent Children, providing oil or gas to heat the homes of poor people in Vermont, and on and on), to give that money to the super rich in terms of tax breaks…..those who already have servants and planes and yachts and homes …. the prison population would disappear.

       And Then There Were None


This country when Columbus arrived called it terra vida (empty land) but that was a lie. The country had Indian nations long time settled here who regarded it as their home. But their occupation did not please those who came to freely take it, So there was killing. Lots of killing. Indians were killed in Massachusetts at a time we have labeled Thanksgiving, as if the Indians and the new settlers came together to share a feast of corn and turkeys rather than the Indians be murdered. Many were treaties signed to give reservation land to a few and the newcomers keep the rest. Many were sent on the Trail of Tears to foreign regions, many dying on the way. Those hard to live on far away areas are now being reclaimed by the national Kleptomaniacs for coal and oil and fracked gas and uranium. Treaties ceding these lands to Indians are broken and ignored.

Then came a new form of extraction by the new comers, those who worked for free. Slaves. It was said that slaves were insensitive folk, hardly caring if their children are sold, their marriages broken, female bodies raided for sex and to produce more young-ones to work the fields, clean the house, care for the master’s young, The child with such a nanny is eventually taught not to love that woman, to see her as inferior.

Those post Columbus travelers came to steal. Today, our economy remains framed on extraction. We dig into the earth for oil; we send poisonous gases into the earth to frack gas leaving behind poisoned water. We shave the tops of mountains for coal. Fracking causes  earth quakes. All our burning of gas and oil heats the air which dries out trees, root, leaf and limb and causes  enormous forest fires. We use the waterways as dumping places.  We fill the ocean with plastic which breaks down more and more but does not disappear. Animals eat plastic as if jelly fish.  Turtles are smothered, strangled. Every animal has ingested our poisonous waste. We destroy Milkweed which feeds the Monarch butterfly. We poison bees that pollinate our crops. Nothing gets away. We raid life to make a quick buck and get rid of EPA authorities that tell us we need to stop.

We treat the earth as a lifeless object. Greed is in the driver’s seat. We need all these life forms to survive and are finding it out the hard way. We need to stop it now.



























Can we stop before we humans are mistake that ends?

Love and Courage

Pete Seeger, now deceased celebrated his 100th birthday Friday. His wonderful songs, some his own and many from many cultures like Wimmiway (the Lion Sings) from Africa. Pete got us smiling and singing. Getting people to sing after he left Harvard, seems to be his main desire. He sees singing as a way of bringing us all together. I first encountered Pete at Buck’s Rock Work Camp. He sang to us all seated found him in a circle round, strumming his banjo and teaching us words. Everyone fell in love with him, with each other, with the world. Pete Seeger lived on in my heart.

Then one day a bunch of years later, when I was beginning to be an environmentalist and was discouraged about people in power sacrificing life to make more money, I found myself standing next to him waiting to cross a street. The traffic light was red.

As always, he had a banjo slung across his shoulder. I said, “Hello Pete,” and he said hello to me with a full and wonderful smile. I felt I needed to tell him of my lack of faith in change. I said how can we get anywhere against such powerful and greedy enemies.

He looked at me as the light changed, ready to stride across the street and said, “No Time for That.” I am reminded my whole life of his saying “Do it.” Do what you can and then do some more. Enjoy every minute of it.  Share your intentions.

Thankyou Pete who created “The Clearwater Organization,” to clean the Hudson. How many people joined him then and are doing it still? Thankyou Pete, whose wife Toshi would race to the phone to keep him from getting another invitation to play to a group to which he invariably said yes.

Thankyou Pete, who reminded that love and courage fuel us. To Peete, an enlightened human being, there is nothing else.

MAGA – back to what?

What are we returning to and why? Genetically there is only one race: human. Darker skin from staying in the tropics, lighter skin and hair and eyes, from traveling to northern reaches with little sun. Essentially no difference. Blacks stupider and more sexual, a myth used to keep them in their places.

Why do we want to separate ourselves into those who have more and those who have less? Think of where this county came from, the thing we are reaching for again. Oh yes. Kill the Indians who claim land ownership so that those with weapons can take it. Kill those who resist and stand in our way.

Women, into the kitchen as servant to her man; having and raising children. Cooking and cleaning. It shocks to hear women saying that is their rightful place. Who wrote the bible anyway that says such things. Men of course claiming it to be a dictate of god. Whose god? What kind of god?

The so-called inferior blacks. The very white standing at the top of the hill need slaves. The western bibles hated the dark man too. The rejected people now serve in prisons. They work for a couple of dollars a day, rented to outside corporations, a new kind of slavery and little more. Those who created prisons have taken away job training.  Make the pay for whatever crime they committed because they were enraged by having so little, or didn’t commit at all but where are the well-trained lawyers to defend them. Corporations make more when their workers are incarcerated = slaves.

So we have as we had, a nation founded on take it. And it still takes it. There are wars for natural resources. There are wars to fund the people who make and sell and rent the war machinery. There are wars for money and power. Just like it was then.

And we allow it because we believe the war stimulating stories we are pounded with from radio, TV, internet, about how some nation threatens us; A nation that wreaks havoc so that a tiny minority at the top can profit. For the sake of having a real and true identity, of helping all people and animals and plant life survive,  for having air we can breathe and water we an drink we do not need MAGA. Return to the future by supporting life now.

    The Art of Distraction


The Republicans have a clown, a man from 3 generations of fraud making outrageous statements, engaging in all kinds of antisocial actions: sexual attacks of women, misogyny, theft, grandiose statements that are false and on and on.

What is the benefit of such a leader? We are horrified as our attention is drawn to yet another transgression. The far-right religious group declares him to be an immature Christian or another form of God to be worshiped); moved to overlook and forget the facts. They overlook a total reversal of his pre-election promises to give them support, health care, jobs. They forget the enormous tax breaks given to the rich, money that would have pad for what he promised. Drawn by our horror over his breaking societal rules, we don’t notice  placement of a flood of judges that will support environmental destruction, put the lower screwed class in jail for almost anything which makes money for prison owners.

What is the clown of distraction for the Democrats who do not do a single thing to reverse the current direction of our government giving it all to the rich while complaining about it, of course? It is the Mueller report being indecisive about whether Trump was aided by the Russians to win the election. The decision about obstruction is left to the senators. They scream about seeing a redacted version. Of course, they should see it all. But there is a lot more going on in addition to Mueller.

Why do they fixate on this report and not upon what 45 is doing to our country from which it will likely never recover? While this compelling circus of the Mueller’s report is going on, 45 fills the pockets of the rich by supporting extractive attacks on the environment. oil pipes and gas pipes are drilled to carry oil and gas, pipes which contaminate the water with endless spills, pollution is dumped into rivers and oceans, Obama’s restrictions are undone. Forest fires spread as a result of carbon burning drought. Islands stink beneath the waves. Coral dries and dies, killing all the living things that live on and among it.

We do not notice because our mind is on the Mueller report. We do not notice because we watch the  clown in office.  And when he is gone, what he has done will remain.