We need affordable medicine.

Why is medicine cheap and just as good in Canada, England, France, Cuba, China…., places with socialized medicine. Medicine is not a profit-making business. The goal is to make available what is needed for everyone. It is paid for by our taxes.

The life span is increasing where medicine is a human right. But not in the US where the price of medicine goes up each year and people die earlier. But what about the people we vote for and elect? They say that they are there to protect us. Aren’t they?

No. Many have sold their loyalty to the pharmaceutical industry which pays them back under the table. These unstated employees of the drug company allow prices to rise. They accept the corporate lies that rising prices are needed for research.The drug creating corporation was given money to do it by the government. The poor do without drugs or if forced to get medicine by severe illness, take money from their basics: rent or food. The drug industry creates bankruptcy.

Now there is a bill in congress to make drugs affordable. If the drug industry refuses to come down, the government can create generic copies.

And for the congresspeople who long ago sold out to the pharmaceutical gang, there is one thing they want from us: to be reelected. They also hope for money on the sly from the drug industry. Tell them to vote for generic copies whose price remains the same. If they feel too deprived without a drug industry payoff tell them to move on.There is always someone who cares about the common good who will take their place.

Call your Congresspeople and demand they get behind lowering drug prices. Warn them that your vote is not automatic.

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