Democrats Are Acting to Lose

Noam Chomsky woke me up about how the Democrats are arranging to fail. The Republicans are horribly embarrassed by Trump’s outrageous behavior: molesting and insulting women, mocking the disabled, scorning Muslims, maligning people from south of the border calling them druggies and thieves, pseudo parents using unrelated children as a front. He condemns anyone who votes against him and recently threatened violence. While the Republicans can’t stand the man for all of this behavior, the main thing he does makes him their star. He funds corporations and gives tax breaks to the super rich. That is what they want. The Republicans who only appeal to the seriously wealthy, have scooped up the red neck southerners by attacking abortion and the anarchic militarists by supporting guns. The uber rich actually don’t care about abortions or guns. They care about power.

The old Democrats who one time stood for labor, have an open field now to win if they support basic life support. But they don’t. They say little or nothing about global warming, about solitary confinement, putting undocumented immigrants in walled in spaces the size of a bathroom which makes them insane and frequently suicidal. They do nothing about separating immigrant children from their parents, say nothing about Trump and his cronies undoing restraints on pollution. They say nothing about our president being the most dangerous man in the world because he denies global warming and does what he can to increase it. They are paralyzed because their corporate sponsors call the shots.

Instead of focusing on the immanent disaster caused by president and his swamp cronies, the Democrats use distraction. They focus on something unimportant as if it counts. It’s Russia and Putin all the time.  They talk about how Russia affected our election. But the Moeller report does not support this. A hotel in Russia bearing Trump’s name does not buy an election. The vote is affected by who we allow to vote via gerrymandering and by who gets the cash to campaign.

Democrats talking about the Russian influence totally miss the issues; kids attend schools that are falling apart, too few underpaid teachers, too many kids and few supplies; they don’t act to stop kids and older folk from getting shot in school, in clubs, in cars. When they hear about a new mass murder, they ask for a moment of silence. Hooey. They are sorry about unaffordable medical care but do not control or terminate insurance companies that make vast incomes by funding little.  They do nothing about the forests burning and drought turning land to desert, about the rising sea level and endless rains that flood, about the heated air and species dying everywhere.

Why are Democrats silent about the spreading 6th great extinction? Most likely the cause is as it always is: money. The Democrats, once the worker’s party is now on the corporate payroll. The corporations want to sell war toys everywhere. They want to keep digging for oil while oil and gas and coal set the world on fire. They fund the people who run for office. If elected, these money slaves will vote to please their paymasters. Ignore if their product kills a few thousand or millions. Deny if their product kills life on earth.

The old Democrats, the millionaire kleptocrats, may have already lost the election. The new young ones may set alive the response of voters whose needs are totally ignored. Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar and other young senators have to speak for the “little guy/gal,” hear the cries of ordinary people begging for help. Perhaps then, if it isn’t too late, “45” will not be in office again.

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