Our Democracy is Programmed to Fail

We are headed to that loss by not dealing with reality.

Take the Democrat’s preoccupation with Trump’s holding Putin’s hand as evidence of collusion. Moeller said forget it. No good evidence. Why do Democrats keep talking about Putin when clear evidence of government destruction is there before our eyes?

Who can deny that taking babies and children away from their mother is anything but destructive? It creates children grown into adults (if they survive) who will suffer from endless isolation, post traumatic stress disorder, unmet needs, inability to trust anyone or anything for life. We are told that the grabbed immigrant children are in “summer camps,” barbed wire fenced enclosures traded for huts out in the desert full of innumerable kids wailing for their parents or silent, defeated and emotionally destitute. ….

Who can justify jailed immigrant children dying of untreated ailments soon after capture? That has not happened to processed immigrant children for decades and not in any number. Aspirin if given at all does not cure the flu. And who of us knows about the torture of putting just rounded-up people, entire families into iceboxes, (Spanish word is “nevera”) without blankets and clothing – keeping them there for days before letting them out, sick, overwhelmed and helpless? Why do we not know about this? Are people in government ashamed of it? Would they do this to their family and children? Would you?  Can we vote for people who endorse it?

What about Kansas’s Kris Koback’s contrived “Cross Check” list that allows people to be erased from voting centers due to a list in some other state or region on which people with only partly similar names are written? Most of these registered people have names with a black or Latin ring and thought to mostly vote Democratic. Cross Check gets rid of them, clearly a scam.

Every one of these events and many more, is like having termites dig on the foundation of your house. The house is your democracy. If we keep ignoring government’s war on what is good and decent about our common life, the structure has to fall.


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