We live in an era of the lie. “45” started lying from his early years, part of the family way of financially getting ahead fast. Woodie Guthrie, the great song writer lived in one of his Dad’s apartments and wrote a song about their cheating tenants. It was and is a family tradition with all the construction workers barely or totally unpaid. Also, undocumented immigrants working for various “45”-establishements.

So, fraud is in the air. Politicians whom we childishly regard as highly developed moral folk, are given money by corporations to create bills or sign corporate created bills which support the corporation. Why are so willingly taken in? Why the national regression to childish trust? The papers we read often polish our acquiescence. Papers are owned by corporations and make their money via corporate sales, not much from readers.

We are told by commercial adds and corporate owned newspapers and internet and tv programs, that those who question lying politicians are socialists or some other negative name. We swallow it all, act like children with protective parents which they definitely-are not.

And what does our own lying do to us? It makes us false in our own eyes. The more we lie the worse we feel…. and then the more we lie. Lying makes us feel inadequate so then we lie some more. The more we lie the more we think we need to lie as if stating the truth it will destroy us. It is like covering burning coals with straw which also will soon be aflame, so we add more straw.

The more we lie to one another, the less the trust them. It is self-referential sequence, thinking that they hate us because we hate ourselves. Pretty soon we adrift in a mass of liars who see everyone as their enemy. Lying creates isolation which makes us more susceptible to a lying government we see as parent. They lie about immanent threat to take whatever money we are holding on to. Lying makes us susceptible and weak. Lying takes away our common sense.

Solution. Tell the truth to everyone. Know a lie when you hear it and say that is not truthful. Do not settle for a paranoid solution, you and I back to back against them. Truth and love are the same. Do you want to love and be loved? Be real.

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