Contemporary Horrors

I’m almost overwhelmed regarding the attempt by 45 and his henchmen to finish us off, including the animal and plants. Let us look at current cruelty.

Undocumented Immigrant children even infants encountered at the border are taken away from their parents, a major trauma from which they will not recover. Children are kept behind cages with care workers and guards who mostly do not speak their language and do not want to feel their pain. Older immigrants are in such crowded cages, they cannot all lie down on the cold cement floors. This will surely teach a lesson to those who want to come!

Devos is associated with a Christian group that brings immigrant children to people who want a child. The original parents names are not taken, remembered, lost. Do the children recover from this loss? Expect PTSD, depression, hostility, passivity, suicide….

Take yesterday’s frightful statement by the black snake in the Supreme Court.  Clarence Thomas wants the poor when brought to court on a crime charge, not to have legal support.  He argues that offering legal help is not in the Constitution.

Trump and his swamp of anti pollution flunkies are undoing restraints against poisoning all that lives. Corporations now can dump waste in rivers, and release toxic gas into the sky. Most garbage dumps are found in ghettos. Poor folk are subjected to exhaust fumes from huge numbers of delivery trucks going to local markets. No loss to those on the hill. Trump’s sons are allowed to murder wild animals in Africa. It is OK again to bring back elephant skins. The animal world is being devoured as an act of sport.

What about the US prisons? We have the most populated prisons in the world. Prison has nothing to do with rehabilitation. It is all about making money. Many prisons are being privatized which makes money for private owners, as it limits food quality and medicine for illness and classes teaching skills that will be used to make a living, and social services to deal with psychological problems and to help  inmates to adjust. Staff is violent. Medical care is largely absent up to and including prisoner death.

Pregnant women give birth shackled to the bed. Can you imagine that? It is like when Jefferson claimed that slaves are insensitive to pain and do not feel loss, like when their children are taken away to be sold. He called slaves dirty and unattractive despite having 14 year old slave Sally as his sexual partner and bearer of his children. Say one thing and do another. Enjoy a fake reputation.

Today the newspapers lie about the quality of immigrants streaming to our borders. These people are fleeing violence, drug dealers who steal their money and demand their sons, who murder those who resist. What has caused drugs to be the main source of revenue while starvation waits in the wings?  How does the US fit in with this destruction?  Let us look at corn, a Mexican staple. The US funded its factory farms to under price Mexican corn so that people would buy the US product. Mexican farmers went out of business. Now that Mexicans no longer raise corn and no one makes tortillas.

The goal of the Mega rich is to make more money. Every dollar counts even if causes death.

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