Winner Take All

Those who own the earth we live on are gamblers who set the stakes. For them, it all boils down to money. It is a conversion factor from life into chips. The one who has the most chips when the tally closes, wins. Closure is set by mass extinction.

People are called to mine various resources. Their technique, make it fast does not fit in with supporting life. Take Mountain Top Removal, the pollution of streams, the landslides killing people.  Money makes the decision. Some dig for oil, some for precious metals, diamonds or this or that. Some raise food, monocropping using chemicals that kill insects, Monarch butterflies and and kill us as well;  They raise animals in vast quantities in factory settings. Chickens and turkeys and pigs are raised  in tiny spaces. Cattle eat out of vats of corn. Chickens are bred  to have such such huge breasts they  can barely walk. Many fall  and are trarompled. All are upset by crowding and by not the living in  an open field to eat worms and bugs and plants and run about. Most are given anti biotics to ward off pre-harvest death. The anti biotic remains in their flesh which we eventually consume. Among other things, we soon will be unreactive to anit biotics when we need them to fight infection. Peole will die from a cut on their leg.

Since they number in the thousands, their shit and piss is collected and drained into huge ponds. Hurricanes release floods of waste onto all that is in its path. Waste  is mechanically blown into the air when the pond gets too full to rain down on locals whose houses lose all value. The people’s who live in this flood of waste lead hellish lives.

What about the politicians who set the rules which protect their citizens or instead  away from consequences? Take Jerry Brown, Governor of California mourns the huge  number of fires ravaging California. Incidentaly, prisoners are paid $2/day to fire fight. They  are not given enough instruction to be fire fighters once released from prison. Is that another save money proposition for those who own the prisons?

What is the gambler’s stake in this catastrophe? Who is profiting from ignoring it. The soil is dry from drought. The trees lack water to fight flames. Planes spread chamicals to shield the  earh from the sun, a fact denied by congress. It is not jet trail when a plane goes back and forth to create parallel lines of chemicals. The chemicals including mercury rain down onto the soil and into the roots of tree which kills them. They easily burst into flames when fire comes near.

The politician, here Jerry Brown, states helpless consternation and that things can only get worse. But wait! Jerry Brown is allowing oil wells to be dug in California. The oil which is sold then heats the atmosphere which creates the flames. Is Brown too stupid to see the connection. Or is a payoff in his pocket? How many politicans are in the gamble now, hoping to miss the final extinction while becoming wealthy?

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