It Is Horrible But Not New


Undocumented immigrants cross into the United States, infants or young ones in arms or by hand, are met by border officers who TAKE THE CHILD AWAY. These children are then declared “unaccompanied” even as young as 56 weeks to date, and thrown into the maw of social services full of physical abuse, sexual abuse, unloving, being unknown, a piece of money to those who offer the agencies a house to keep them.

Yes, we are destroying these young people by taking them from their mother (and father), their ability to hold onto and love the parent and all those who follow; a generation to enter the prison population or to be simply lost. But not new. No siree. We came to a country we called terra vida – empty land and proceeded to murder and drive away the so-called Indians. Then, after a while of people hiding in our createdreservations, we took away their children, put them in schools which cut their hair, forbade the native language, beat and hated them as Indians they wanted to extirpate. We rejected their religion, took away their culture and led to the death of many through neglect. Graveyards in these so-called schools are full.

We later had a slave culture and took away the children. Sold them to those who wanted slaves to serve for life. Slaves were seen as objects, beaten if disobedient, raped for pleasure whatever their inclination. Slave owners said that the slave pain threshold was much higher, that they did not suffer. Were told they did not care for their children.

We have been taking children away from their parents for centuries. We are doing it today. How did we, the stronger, dominant group become such miserable creatures, using people and exterminating them because it serves us?

One thought on “      It Is Horrible But Not New

  1. It is a sad commentary on the state of human morality that through time we have shown our depravity not to be abating. It seems the unhappy and jealous and angry wait for an opportunity to act out their misery on the vulnerable peoples of the world.
    That’s why they voted in Trump— who has an unmitigated nerve to do the unthinkable, that is unthinkable to people who have enjoyed the benefits of civilization and education.


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