The Big Suck

First it is the military, using violence to control of the world at enormous cost to tax payers, above %50. Now it is something else. Things will deteriorate for everyone except those in the economic one percent. The new so-called “advancement” is extolled by advertising as the thing we need to have. How easily we fall for a sales pitch. Sigmund Freud’s nephew set the whole thing up. Convince people they are incomplete and get them to buy the object that will fix them. Doesn’t work? Buy something else.

The new cure-all is already here and gaining converts. It is the robot. Robots can do the job for us. This means replace us. Robots can wait on tables. They never take a day off and don’t require pensions. They are awfully cheap to build. Robots can drive cars (not quite perfectly at this point) and trucks. Robots can perform surgery better than the best human technicians. The robot’s hand can get in anywhere by changing parts and robot’s brain can call on encylopedic information about the body as well seek techniques to fix a problem. No one thinks badly about the hospital robot that fixed your heart or brain. You may even “personalize” the robot into a “someone” rather than an “it.”

You might like to think that the time saved by these robotic devices will result in more time off for you, more vacations and fun with friends and family. You might think that the world will become a more beautiful place with everyone sharing and enjoying leisure, holidays, clubs, talents, sports.

No. You are living in a dream. As it now is being considered, computer- driven machines will lead to greater profit for the people who own the factories. And you my friend, will be unemployed. Starvation, war, disease, death will follow.
What do we do about this? I strongly empathize the word we. We as a group need to determine the way our society is moving, not leave it up to the billionaire money -makers whose main goal is having more. It may be nothing but good for them but be mostly bad for us. We the majority need to remember the first rule of democracy. Majority rules.

FDR created Social Security in response to the Great Depression. This needs to happen again and the force to cause it comes from us. Perhaps we cannot eliminate all robot-workers but some jobs we want to keep. We want to use our handicrafts and wisdom and creativity. We want to use our skills. We want to work together and for one another as a method of uniting. Robots do not unite. They are machines. That the machine we program might become smarter than we and take over… nothing like the unexpected consequence leaping out of your un-examined desires.

We need to force the elected official to respond favorably to our needs. We need to do this despite the congressional buy-off by corporations. It is best to start with local reps. We need to remember and indicate that robot-workers create the human unemployed who lack money to purchase the robot’s creation. A worker free operation on a broad scale, can only turn into a worthless endeavor.

Very interesting discussions of this by Lee Camp in Redacted Tonight; also by Jim Hightower in The LowDown. Do subscribe.
Elan Golomb

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