Trump Plans to Destroy the EPA


Trump plans to reduce the EPA to tiny pieces with Scott Pruitt as his henchman. Pruitt sued the EPA 14 times when he was Attorney General of Oklahoma where he did nothing about the surge of earthquakes due to hydraulic fracturing, propelling huge amounts of liquid in the earth to push out gas of oil. Pruitt’s concern has been and remains for industry, not for the environment. For Trump as for Pruitt, there is only profit and the materials in which it decks itself. Rules limiting where and how much it dumps its waste are unfair. Do you hear the annoyed baby’s wail?

The rules of the Environmental Protection Association have been won by years of contest. It always has involved the courts. Pruitt speaks as if the EPA is a bunch of behind the fence gangsters. It was and becomes again a tiny bit of them with the power of money against a huge bunch of us without it. Their attitude is I “own” this land so don’t tell me what to do with it. Not mentioned is having stolen it from the natives and worked it with Negro slaves.

Trump wants the freedom to drop waste into holes in the ground, to pollute mighty bodies of water like the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, probably the coming break in the Trump permitted pipe carrying oil across the Missouri River. The “corporists” want to drop waste into rivers and streams, to release it into the air, to cut down ancient forests. They don’t want to go “natural.” No money in that. Spoken as acting against terrorists, they assault nations in order to take their natural resources. They frack their way to earth quakes and on and on.

All this chopping and dropping and leaking and digging and releasing are sounding the tune of death for us all, first to go the young and fragile Death wears the robes of profit. Those into making huge sums of money seem lost in the money addiction. What does one do with billions of dollars? After buying the yachts and planes and houses everywhere and even buying islands, what you do with the rest? Worship the numbers in your bank account. It is a Dante-an zone of hell here on earth.

It’s funny and frightening how this focus on making the “obscene” profitable, by its nature has to take a religious nature. It is the spirit of Jesus that is called upon by a minister while anti-Trump protestors are beaten by the crowd with Trump’s blessing. After choosing not to mention Jews in his discussion of the holocaust, after asked by many about anti-Semitic attacks in the USA,  he suddenly visits the new African-American museum in DC accompanied by the black neurosurgeon Ben Carson whom he wants to head Housing and Urban Development and who has stated he dislikes the HUD intrusion with the need to make it fair. Hypocrisy is never far away from hucksters seeking power.

He is currently a leader of the many of the hucksters he calls to his side who will rob his followers while claiming to care for them. He is one of the many who came before and set up kingdoms they defend, the poor sick and starved population praying for a better life in heaven. But now, we dwellers in our tattered almost vanished democracy have the power of our numbers which if we take a spiritual perspective include every living thing. We must, we need to take a stand against the actions and power of a ruling body that will do us in. Trump worships profit and those who are equal fellows although, since we do not know his real income, to who he owes what, perhaps the emperor is naked.


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One thought on “Trump Plans to Destroy the EPA

  1. Shari Amos

    I totally agree with you about Trump. He is a narcissistic, self-interested trouble-maker and most of us know it.

    Thank you for writing both your books. I’m just finishing “Unloved Again.” What an wonderful eye-opener, as well as heart and mind-opener. I am forever grateful.


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