Death is the Driver

Death is in the driver’s seat. The engine runs on money. Its destination is extinction. Many, who decide what is to be done to run our world have been bought by corporations who would pollute it. This bias extends to news carriers, similarly funded  so that the severity of non-action is little heard. News on TV and radio is largely a distraction against real knowing. Who is getting a divorce, what film to see, where to eat, what insanity was lately uttered by the presidential candidate?

Corporations have no intrinsic morality despite being labeled “people” by the equally purchased Supreme Court. Their sole goal is profit. The corporate machine “wants” to drill for oil, to frack for gas (ignoring earthquakes), to carry oil great distance in pipes that leak and explode near schools and towns and drinking water. Machines are not programmed to care about the fact that the world is getting hot, hot, hot. Investors accepting the goal of selling oil want pipelines to move low-quality oil to the coast for processing and then sold to foreign investors who are selling cars which burn gas which will further heat us up.

The Standing Rock Sioux are protesting along with thousands of others, native and non-native. They carry no guns lest they be labeled dangerous and shot down. Mauling is in order. They are bitten by dogs trained to leap for the face. Their sacred sites and graveyards dug. They pray and lock their arms to machinery.  They beg corporate man not to poison the River from which 20 million drink. They are less drawn to the distracting culture than city dwellers. They live with and immediately notice changes in their land. They weep.

This is unlike our president who keeps selling the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) as an opportunity for job development, the usual reason given for incursion into the land  Obama says it is the best thing that could happen. Everyone, engineers, scholars, environmentalists, even his Harvard professor are begging him to face the facts and stop. The TPP represents corporations, within and outside the country, suing the US for money they could not make because the EPA has stopped them. The judges of this TPP court would be corporate lawyers whose decision cannot be disputed.  The “perp” will  pay the price. The country will be eaten alive  by predators. No escape.

Bill McKibben of 350. org says we cannot allow another molecule of organic material to be dug up  and burned. He says we have reached the point of no return. Jill Stein,power,  the Green party presidential candidate speaks of a world of full employment created by a green culture, powering all with sun and wind power, geothermal difference and moving tide, and  magnets, a returning to the rich life with full employment without destroying Mother Earth.  The corporatized government says she is unrealistic, that it can’t happen.  They  designate their sell-out as inevitable.

The automobile industry wants us all to drive. Trains are not given the funding to be cared for and their availability is restricted. They are not revved up as they are in Japan to be faster. The train that was supposed to have automatic braking mechanism when it went too fast around a curve, lacked it. People blamed the train. The other day a train pulled into a station full speed and smashed into a wall. The report given about the accident was “no report.” No one mentioned the lack of a device to halt the train should the driver fail to comply.  My guess is that money was missing to install automatic braking equipment  should  the driver have a heart attack, be drunk or be otherwise disabled. The train is labeled inefficient (slower than it need be) and dangerous. Automobiles get the vote.

Death is in the driver’s seat. It’s engine runs on money.

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