Water Is Our Mother

Currently, the Standing Rock Sioux and Indians from around the world come together to fight for the preservation of Mother Earth in North Dakota are fighting not to have a gas pipe line go through their reservation and under the Missouri River, a water resource for millions. All oil pipes leak, often for a tremendous amount of time before the leak is discovered and then, regardless of feinted behavior to clean it up, an impossible task since the oil already released into ambient streams all over.

Long time thought vanquished, non-existent, “civilized” out of their earth connection, The Indian Nations are becoming visible and actively protesting. What else could anyone do if they see their mother being destroyed. If they see, which we city dwellers and impoverished others cannot allow? Or at least we can see but do not allow ourselves to react. Somehow, someone will fix it, the attitude of a child.

The Indians know better. We destroyed their villages, stole and destroyed their seeds, their means of survival to induce terror. We brought in whiskey which we knew they could not handle, along with small pox infected blankets. We called them terrorists. According to George Washington we have to exterminate them to protect ourselves.  We killed them and forced them to migrate away from us, the takers.

But they are not gone, not dead and still in relationship to Mother Earth. The call us to find natural ways to meet our needs in order save our Mother. They beg us to not poison our water and cut down our trees, to kills everything that lives for sport or “use.” They beg us not to convert every earthly thing and being into money so that a very few get most of it and the rest of us get little or none.

We are increasing supporting an environmentally tipped and unfair situation as if there is no other way, pulled there by ads on TV, radio, internet. Do we ask who writes these ads?  As in North Dakota, the will of corporations designated as people by by the Supreme court support is supported. Corporations are only programmed to make money. They have no conscience, no empathy. They are computer programs with profit as their only goal. They get politicians whom they have already paid to institute immanent domain to enact programs designated as for the public good which are not.  Why not disallow oil and carbon burning approaches which are putting the world on fire and move onto to wind and sun? Why not preserve our water? Why not for the public good?

Corporate decisions lead to the death of all living things including us. Indians predict a great extermination of humans in the not too distant future due to floods and drought and starvation and disease, due to using and murdering of what supports life. We cut the trees which create oxygen, warm and pollute oceans which breed fish and absorb CO2, heat the earth which melts the glaciers which will flood all that touches the rising oceans. We accept the loss of islands, of the water we all drink, of the plants we eat. Gone.

Do you think you will be one of the surviving 20 percent? The Indians beat the drums to alert us. Will we dance to that beat and take back our power to support life? Will we reduce our demand on Mother Earth to give beyond her own survival? Will we deaden our awareness of an imminent wipe-out with drugs and toys and stuff that takes us away from what is happening until it is too late?




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