A Friend Indeed

My new book Unloved Again has  just come out. I sent it to several people I know who wanted to read it. Asked them sotto voce (not too stridently) to please write a review of it for Amazon. They said yes, they would, then promptly forgot it. Most everyone in our current lifestyle has way too much to do. Forgetting is just a sign of mentally overstuffed shelves where the stuff we put up front gets pushed behind whatever comes next.

But not for my old friends Carole and Phil. She gave me her photo of a Ladakhi hillside with prayer flying aloft tall poles in the Himalayan hillside, which I used for the cover of my film “Healing Oracles of Ladakh.” I have Phil’s amazing painting of a Ladakhi woman, with a prayer wheel in her right hand a string of prayer beads in her left, looking up eyes closed in a mystic trance. They  have always been my friends, are friends to all. They helped the Dalai Lama find  a place to stay and where to speak when visiting their hometown, Findlay Ohio. They are there for me. They try to help. They remember.

They wrote a wonderful resume of my book. Said they gave it to another friend to read whom they asked to review. Before speaking to them, I was feeling kind of down. Seems that self-publishing takes a kind of dogged spirit I need to develop more of. Part of the load to bear is my experience of isolation while calling attention to the pain of childhood which invades and control our love life.  Their review invaded my loneliness and dispersed it.

They supported my need to ask what kind of true self would lead us to choose lovers who desert or mistreat us? What kind self would lead us to abuse others or to abuse ourselves; cause us to seek the perfect lover and never finding? What kind of self would cause us to think ourselves endlessly inadequate and unable to find someone who can love us?

Get my book Unloved Again today! Email me directly at elangolomb@gmail.com in order to get your signed copy. Hardcover ($25 including shipping) and Paperback ($16 including shipping) versions available. Payment collected via Squareup.com/store/elangolomb..



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