Why Do We Kill

That fellow in the midst of Gay Month, in Orlando Florida, on a day that the club celebrated being Latino, an armed man went into a gay bar where he killed 50 and wounded at least 50 more. A woman who lived nearby this man’s family home said that he was uncontrollable as a child. His mother had to hit and hit and hit him to get him to obey. What did he learn from that?

He learned that he was a worthless human being who had to be beaten into submission by his family who had no other understanding. He learned that to establish some kind of superiority you had to attack and destroy people you deem inferior. The FBI announced that having heard about his murderous speech, they twice investigated him as a possible terrorist, but could not prove his terrorist intent. That he was mentally deranged, a wife beater, angry at not being a policeman and a gun lover, was overlooked

Our society does not sufficiently consider what people will do with their aggression if it lacks a  “terrorist” label. It was easy for this man and almost any man to buy weapons  in our gun manufacturing and seller protected society. He bought a semi-automatic rifle, for a while protected but, 10 years ago, allowed to fall back into legal status by our congress. This gun has recently been used in several mass killings. The NRA as usual, says now is not the time to discuss it.

This society does not deal with mental health, does not look at how you think, feel and act via psychological interview and testing. You have to attack someone, to hurt someone, to destroy or steal something to get attention. Instead of simple jail time which generally increases resentment and subsequent lawless behavior, a wound- up, irrational individual spewing hatred might require a period of containment in a supportive clinical setting whose aim is not to punish, but to understand, to heal his wounds, to learn to act differently, to acquire skills to hold a job. Otherwise like a latent volcano, some day the pressure will get so great that the man will explode in a killing spree.

Take the condition of our soldiers, people who largely choose the Army to get a  job. First,  their ideals of friendship, morality, need to love, their spirit of compassion, peace and helpfulness are wiped out by the trainer who reduces each to feel humiliated and reduced to inadequate “nothings” before putting a gun in his hands. When all of his civilized ethos and caring has been swept away, he is told that his  duty is to kill an enemy which is said to threaten his society. The trainer generates fear and rage to stimulate his need to kill. The service gives him medals. cheap to produce and proudly worn. Medals are one of the almost narcotic inducements for putting his life on the line, saving his fellow warriors while engaging in a killing spree .

So he goes into the field of battle with his contingent of men felt to be brothers, with  some women (many raped by fellow soldiers), men who become his buddies, many of them killed. There is nothing in his mind but to stay alive and kill. His consciousness is filled with fear and hate. He sees nothing but enemy or friend.

The enemy has been depicted as needing to be wiped out by those who use war to make money: by producers of weapons, generals who run things, elected officials who get kickbacks from those who make the weapons. Creating fear and inducing the need to fight the current war becomes their major running plank. Look at the salaries of those who in charge of the game of war.

And when our soldier returns home, he is a wrecked human being. Possibly he is wounded and will be consigned to a hospital, sometimes for life, no limbs, chronically ill  from mud and flies and nuclear fallout, also from all the inoculations he has received, many of them experimental. He can’t see, can’t walk, can’t run can’t love. His period of enemy-directed hatred is over but his original sense of self does not return. He cannot love his wife and child. He cannot love anyone. He no longer has an enemy to attack with his war-created hate so he turns it on his family and on himself. Suicide is happening in astounding numbers.

The VA has no space for all these damaged human beings. They are put on waiting lists, many are doped-up as treatment, many are on the street as addicts, many are returned to the battlefield three or four times since they still can walk and aim a gun. Those who apply for disability are labeled as having a pre-existing condition by psychiatrists who do the government’s bidding. Assigned the diagnosis of “Pre-existing Condition” means that the government is not responsible for their care. War is about making money for the few. It is not to be distributed to the many. Hate your child and it will grow up feeling inferior and look for someone they deem lower to treat accordingly.  Hate your soldier, he can only do the same if not to wipe himself out as worthless.

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