Bullies Attract You

In our current world, falling apart due to the activity of “extraction” (oil, gas, fracking, coal), so-called leaders scream about what will happen to you if you do not fall in line with their plan. What is more bizarre than this? Where do our adult brains go? How come the one that yells the loudest and seems to have the most weapons is regarded as a leader? Our primitive brain, our amygdala takes over. We become impulse-ridden children again. It is fear that triggers this response. It throws us into a pit of childish terror. In that state, we can be easily manipulated. Our bully/leader gets us to do what we are told to save ourselves.

What creates a bully? There are many causes. One often noted is an unfairly punished, even tormented childhood which creates endless rage, which is later turned against new victims. Hitler is a prime example. He is reported to be the illegitimate son of a maid and a Jewish man. Perhaps he later turned against a denied part of self and regarded it as the cause. Six million Jews were killed. Quite an expression of blame and rage. Another source of bully-dom is a person filled with inflated pride. This person is always trying to prove he is as great as he claims. Because the underlying sense of his greatness is a hollow claim, the need for more public appreciation never ends.  Another creator of bully-dom is money. Into whose pockets goes the gold extracted from frightened tax payers? It goes to those who create weapons to destroy our labeled enemies. It goes into the pockets of those who benefit from the spoils of war.

This is a well-known fact: that “false flag” operations are contrived by the presumed victim. The audience of this terrifying spectacle is told that we have been attacked and must fight back. The idea that we have been “attacked” gets our ire up in reaction to our sense of vulnerability.  We do not ask to see the facts of the event as presented by those whose are not controlled or rewarded by the bullies.

After a serious “false flag” event, hatred gains a power of its own. We are swept into a fighting group which makes us feel more powerful. Group mentality is dangerous because it ignores the thinking adult. Instead of believing the necessity to fight, ask who benefits from it. Who or what receives the tax money now made unavailable for schools, health care, aid to the poor, support for the elderly, care for national parks we continue to own, etc.? After you see where the ax falls, you are not so easily fooled. There is a child in all of us, easily made afraid. We the adult need to hold onto our inner child’s hand and not let it assume leadership.


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