Don’t Want to Hear It

Ever noticed how when you bring up some fact, well researched by you which is distinctly unpleasant to another and even sometimes to yourself, because it sets lowers the other person’s comfort level, they shut you out by by saying, “I don’t think that” and walk away.

What can be more shocking to you than their dismissal?  There is no respect for a foreign opinion let alone facts and you mistakenly take it personally and suffer. You have been designated a weirdo, perhaps insane, at the least misinformed and dropped in the garbage can.

Is this the experience of all people who deviate from the “common path?” I would say yes. Does this help the survival of the group which has its mental shades drawn down? No. It keeps the group going on with its old thinking and rationalizations as if that these are of primary importance. Such thinking does not help adaptation to the “new” by its  members and all living things. It is scandalous and disturbing how a group clings to an old idea as representing all its members. it is a kind of surrender, as if each person has  become a baby sucking on its mother’s breast.

Both the speaker and reject-er  are hurt by this. The one who whose knowledge is so rudely cut off feels worthless, which is a big mistake. Gandhi spoke about the response of people to new ideas: first rejected and mocked, then attacked and finally accepted as if it was always so. The speaker of a foreign idea needs to know this.

The one who rejects a new idea as worthless, who cannot even listen is hiding in the familiar where they feel a kind of safety. They lose an idea which might help them. They lose a relationship with the speaker. The category of rejection grows ever larger by a process of association.

All new ideas are upsetting to people addicted to “sameness.” Repeating and living the same as was done before is treated by the group as a facet of survival even in changing times. If it seemed to work before so it has to work now. The primitive mind seems to have been outgrown by the adult but it always can return since the mind does not lose what went before. We must be aware of what we are thinking and from where it comes especially when it tries to impose restrictive laws as if inducing a hypnotic trance. It is a  kind of “go to sleep now, baby.  Mommy and Daddy will keep you safe.”

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