What makes people mistreat people in horrendous ways, trade their lives for a pocket full of gold or kill them because if is inculcated that you have to kill them first?

Fear usually motivates the growing crowd with greed standing half-hidden behind it. Are we naturally aroused by fear? Yes. It is the animal part of our brain which reacts, created long before homo erectus stood on his hind legs, ready to run, hide or fight.

But more important, are we naturally fearful or does something special have to happen including some kind of human stimuli – words and actions to get fear going?  The adult part of our mind is not willing to heed the rulings of its animal self but autonomy is thinned out when the media says you’re in danger and need to fight. Then the adult surrenders power and primacy to his internal “freezing  parent.” The “frozen child” screams in terror. The “frozen parent” gives commands . Common sense comes last.

The adult declares him/herself confused, inadequate, unable to take a stand. The child part of mind has not learn to explore in order to fully understand the situation before acting. The child accedes power to its internal aggressive parent. If the parent screams danger, the child  surrenders and does what the parent tells it. The adult part of the mind looks on in a kind of daze.

The “freezing parent” says it is ok to steal from people who have threatened you; says there are no consequence to your greed so let it run wild. Wealthy collectors will buy artifacts stolen from ancient temples, part of the spoils of war. Does the thief and killer notice the damage he is doing to a culture? Not while he acting the role of a child defending against “the enemy” and taking his just rewards. Guilt comes later.

The post traumatic stress disorder so prevalent in returning troops is the adult coming out of his daze. He looks around and sees. He remembers maiming or killing women, children, the elderly, destroying schools and hospitals. He stole valuable artifacts and sold them on the market to the highest bidder. By robbing, murdering, raping, destroying historic, religious, artistic cites, he is creating enemies who later will give their own lives in order to get even.

The once marauding adult knows that he has broken his spiritual and ethical code. He has surrendered his right to be considered fully human and rejoin civilized society. He tries to blame his leader for causing this but the adult will not fall for his own excuses. He is in an emotional hell with no solution.  He sees no way out of guilt and endless pain. He makes VA appointments which they take years to answer. They give him pills which turn him into a zombie and do not alleviate self-hatred. He becomes alcoholic. He beats up his wife who leaves him. He then gets to the last base of desperation and murders himself as do an ever increasing number of returned troops.

Your adult needs to not recognize that the frightened child inside his mind is not in touch with the truth; neither is the vicious internal parent (nor public parent figure) who parrots war. Proponents of war based on “some day attack” and “false flag” events caused by them and attributed to “the enemy” are under the control of their animal minds.  The adult does not join a gang which surges together to feel power. Gang power is a not individual power. The adult knows the importance of establishing relationships. He thinks, let the lions rest; send the tigers to hunt in the hills for smaller prey. Share the water with those that want to drink. Live and let live.

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