Is adaptation good for you?

Adaptation means responding to the natural forces which come your way. Adaptation is the opposite of frozen. Adaptation may require taking heroic actions, making a limited or lasting change from what you have done before. Adaptation is needed when supplies become scarce. It is needed to save your life. .

Take the case of the Australian aborigines, pushed off their land by invasive whites. They increased their connection to Mother Earth, mourned her loss by the extractive and invasive behavior which was destroying her. The aborigines went for dream walks in the quasi desert where through their heightened sensibility and connection to Mother Earth, they find what they needed to eat and drink. Aborigines are multi skilled and grateful.

Adaptation to westerners has been wrenched from its essential meaning. There are some circumstances in which they react wrongly to what dire warnings are telling them, telling all to turn back. Take it and use it man, mechanical man will state the modern religion that somehow and sometime science will save us … from ourselves. Science is seen as a do-to-Mother Earth approach, the opposite of adaptation.

If we can’t adapt to the breakdown caused by us and increasingly coming our way, we have to change our way of living. Such adaptation means not taking on the habits of the dominant culture. It is a time of quiet (or noisy) desperation. Some who can’t take a hard look in order to find another way, take drugs to stop experiencing their hopelessness and fear. Many live on credit cards they can’t repay. They tell themselves despite multiple signs to the contrary, that things will work out and everything will be good again. Those who can’t afford to pretend that everything is OK are looked down upon by those who’ve made it to the one per cent and label them lazy.

Adaptation is not dancing on the deck of the Titanic as it is  going down. Adaptation is breaking with the old ways in times of danger and finding a new way to live. Adaptation means learning new skills that can be traded for whatever you need to survive. Adaptation has to with finding a place on Mother Earth with adequate water and not near a nuclear power plant that can melt down like Fukushima. It has to do with loving Mother Earth which moves you to compost your organic waste and recycle what you can’t use. It is against getting extra stuff which turns into waste which poisons us.

Adaptation has to do with creating a society which is livable for man, plant and beast, livable for us all.  Adaptation is not a philosophy of loss but one of changing values. Adaptation has to do with fitting in and functioning in top gear in a way that is not damaging to anything. Adaptation is the opposite of alienation and loss.


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