The Masculine Idea of Invasion, Conquest and Taking

Some seeing our falling into the notion of what we need from Mother Earth as well as fighting for what others have as a testosterone stimulated revolt. If it involves sucking, digging, blasting what we need, the earth is portrayed as inanimate. It is a “thing.” Such aggressive thinking leaves the feminine association of Earth with Gaia, the divine spirit of Mother Earth. It loses the primal idea that Gaia maintains our life. It forgets its basic dependency. It is a bit insane!

Instead, we have a violent relationship with the earth now seen as something dead, like a shelf full of things for the taking. In the maternal religion, you could not dig into Gaia’s breast because it would harm her.

Now we can extract resources without conscience. Our scientists spend endless hours working on the methodology of extraction. They spend little or no time on how to deal with destructive accidents. The sea is full of oil from an explosions. They do not know how to get it back. They put a chemical which sends the oil to the ocean’s bottom which destroys life down there. It is a solution which is a cover up which makes the chemical consequences worse. Through all our dumping and scraping and contamination, we are creating dead zones, areas in the ocean devoid of life.

Those intent on expanding their quantity of possessions use earth destructive tools on ever greater regions. They have to extract tar sand’s oil so that absolutely nothing can live there. They sheer off the mountain tops to more easily get at the coal. Do they look at the disaster left behind and consider the lives of the people who live there? No. They focus on what they are getting. One of the phrases they use to dismiss unintended injury and death is to call it collateral damage. We use the term collateral damage in wartime. I aimed at the armed soldier but shot the child—unintended.

Mother Earth is being torn apart. We are shooting bullets into her body and do not understand that her hurricanes, storms and growing deserts, her rising seas are cries for help. Our collective mind so focused on having more, is too noisy, our hearts too worried for us to listen.

Those who see the coming breakdown of our world, instead of doing everything they can to stop it, think cryogenically of once dead, sealing themselves in a container which eventually will be brought to a new planet. There they will be brought back to life. These space travelers are like a planetary cancer. They will bring their garbage with them and will turn these planets into wasteland like the one they left behind.

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