You Learn To Love

The first lesson, the most important lesson is from the family into which you were born. If your parents/caretakers are crazy about you, always touching you, holding, warming, feeding, bouncing, talking, singing… the world is a rich place to be in. The word is safe. You and the parent and the world are one–a very happy unity.

Later, when you discover the shock and glory of being age two and start staging scenes of separation (secretly knowing the parent always will be there for you), the secure parent humors you, honors your harmless autonomy and distracts you from danger with a slight of hand or a joke, also distracts you from demands they cannot or should not meet.

Given this loving experience, your world and view of self remain excellent. You are loved despite your power and even for it, with humor of course. The world is still seen as full of lovers. You will not forget this. As you grow, this view of love remains inside your heart which motivates you to move towards love. You never will mistake hate for love and will not settle for less.

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