It Makes Me Laugh Because It Sets Me Free

I hear about a certain health practitioner’s greed which leads him to exaggerate and imagine his abilities in a way that you would have to call lying. He imagines you have a great disease on your big toe which he needs to treat and of course he over charges. Suddenly I am chuckling, walking around full of smiles. I ask myself, “What’s up” When you ask yourself real questions there’s bound to be an answer.

And here it is. Knowing about this person sets me free from believing his self-serving presentations and from seeing him altogether since I don’t want to do a dance of expensive servitude to his insincere presentation of care.

You always need to investigate another person’s seeming care for you when it takes dollars out of your pocket; also when it puts them in a starring position and you tossed somewhere in the pack. True love does not impoverish the one who “receives it,” not in any way. True love makes the both of you feel richer since it is a meeting of souls where nothing is lost and everything is gained.

True love is associated with smiles, laughter, loving, shared tears and commiseration. True love is between equals in the deepest sense of the word. It is between bonded parties, between parents and children and friends and pets. True love is always the same and always different. True love seems to take you over except that you willingly and happily give in to it.

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