Dreams Tell You About Yourself

Dreams are full of information you need to know. There is no reason why your unconscious mind should trouble you nightly and frequently without real purpose. It is trying to call your attention to something which is worrying, whose knowledge you are avoiding. It is telling you about the great possibilities to a person with your talent; it is telling you about who you love or who does and doesn’t love you. It offers you information you do know but are avoiding. The difficulty of psychological development out of the tried and true is what makes growth so wonderful.

I dreamed of my deceased mother the other day. She was a pretty, shy girl of about 13 standing slightly turned away. I spoke to her from my heart. I said, “Mommy, I love you,” and felt it leave my heart and go to hers. She did not even look my way. It was as if she did not and could not hear me. I have played with this image, this memory of a mother ever driven to accomplish good things that were  beyond the emotional growth of this girl. As hard and as well as she worked, she rarely shared her life with me. Full of tantrums and retreats was all. Was she real?

This dream showed me that my mother wasn’t ready for the task of love, only for that of duty. It was like a girl who put on her mother’s dress and pretended to be an adult. She was undeveloped. This dream embodied a life-time of sadness for a mother who wasn’t there. Where does this path of unloved misery end searching for a mother who receives my love?

Every child needs a mother and I found one in Mother Nature. I deeply love that mother who offers  all we need to become our highest selves. Through my lack of mothering and extraordinary misery, I found my way to something far greater, something deeply needed. Thank you human mother for the gift your restriction gave me.

Is Mother Nature laughing over all of this? Is the great spirit which underlies all things clapping her hands in delight that I discovered the inter relation of everything including myself before it was too late? It is Mother Nature being desecrated by human greed whose grief I share. We are connected.

Your dreams are full of important messages. Dwell on them and see what comes to mind. You will find answers to unstated questions which offer you great insight. Change is difficult. A lack of change is worse.

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