Attacking Decency

It is with increasing horror that I read or listen to the news. All things that share in my love of life, all that the forces of government are supposed to be supporting, making safer, purer, are being vanquished, sold, demolished by those who make the rules. It is like a nightmare from which I do not wake.

And what do we the lowly citizens do about it? Americans mostly wring their hands in misery and hopelessness. Either that or deny the mounting disaster, say it’s not happening to me, refuse to see the loss which is directly set before them, certainly not in some distant place.

A major recent change from a passive to active comes from high school students, the original ones mowed down at school, and now in increasing numbers, set against people having military guns used in mass shooting. They are going to the elected people, to DC Congress. They are warning those who turn away from them as juvenile, that soon all of them will vote.

Another group that has come together in shared alarm is the Indians. They first met to pray for and stand in front of digging equipment, that wants to put Tar Sands oil pipes beneath the Missouri. Spills have to happen and have been happening since impurities in the oil break the pipe. A contaminated water will be drunk by thousands even millions, few of them native. The Indians say water is life.

Government keeps selling land to those would extract oil, gas, use chemically enhanced fracking, all which destroy the plants and animals that live in the region including, humans, to earn magabucks for the few. ICE seizes the children of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border. Babies, toddlers, are pulled out the arms and from the hands of parents and then sent to far away stations. Parents are told that their children are going to get a shower never to return. For most, there is no explanation. . Parents likely will never see their child again. Government says they do this to discourage immigrants. It’s cruelty is beyond explanation. The AG calls it an act of law. They even quote parts of the bible to make it sound God ordained. The tiny part they quote was favored by Good Christian slave holders. What ever happened to the separation of church and state?

But above all, taking away kids is a money maker. They will build tent cities on army bases. The private corporations running this concentration camp will make a mint. For the kids it is a deadly loss. They are destroyed by the loss of their loving parent. Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from which they will never recover.

One father of a 3-year old son torn from his arms committed suicide that night in his cell by hanging. A so-called expert about suicide called the man weak. Said mentally stronger people could handle such a terrible loss. This so-called expert minimized the effects of such abuse to fit in with the submissive crowd

A season of madness is upon us. Madness is a form of disconnection. It is only when we are hand to hand, heart to heart and eye to eye with others including the non-human world that we come to sanity. Instead we scorn the homeless people sleeping on the street. We scorn the people sickened by pollution in their slums until the poison surrounds and kills us all.


      It Is Horrible But Not New


Undocumented immigrants cross into the United States, infants or young ones in arms or by hand, are met by border officers who TAKE THE CHILD AWAY. These children are then declared “unaccompanied” even as young as 56 weeks to date, and thrown into the maw of social services full of physical abuse, sexual abuse, unloving, being unknown, a piece of money to those who offer the agencies a house to keep them.

Yes, we are destroying these young people by taking them from their mother (and father), their ability to hold onto and love the parent and all those who follow; a generation to enter the prison population or to be simply lost. But not new. No siree. We came to a country we called terra vida – empty land and proceeded to murder and drive away the so-called Indians. Then, after a while of people hiding in our createdreservations, we took away their children, put them in schools which cut their hair, forbade the native language, beat and hated them as Indians they wanted to extirpate. We rejected their religion, took away their culture and led to the death of many through neglect. Graveyards in these so-called schools are full.

We later had a slave culture and took away the children. Sold them to those who wanted slaves to serve for life. Slaves were seen as objects, beaten if disobedient, raped for pleasure whatever their inclination. Slave owners said that the slave pain threshold was much higher, that they did not suffer. Were told they did not care for their children.

We have been taking children away from their parents for centuries. We are doing it today. How did we, the stronger, dominant group become such miserable creatures, using people and exterminating them because it serves us?

Humans Not Needed

Can you imagine being defined as unnecessary? It has happened before but not with such great vastness. Design, the way to get things done always had humans doing some of the work using lesser  beasts like dray horses, like sheep and cattle, like people who were indentured to work for a set period, like slaves forced to work for life.

But now we have entered a new era, one with workers who occasionally need a change of oil or a new metal ring, a better receiving  element but otherwise, even if programmed to look like your friendly cook, or merely to act as an arm or hand, they are machines. AI is taking over. The work of thousands can be done by one. It doesn’t need to sleep, take vacations, have sick leave, retirement benefits, health insurance.

Corporations pay vast amounts to the tiny few that own them. The corporation whose main goal is to earn money, wants to lay off workers. It does not distinguish human from machine; does not deal with feelings of the fired or not hired.The IA revolution is run by computers which might some day soon be smarter than any person who claims to own them. The computer might need a retinue of slaves to make repairs but otherwise, finds people  unnecessary. A machine acts like a machine and has machine feelings. The machine asks, will it do the job for cheap.

Why are we moving in this direction? Are we like children in a play room with new pieces to put together.? Are our money maker humans so entranced with the bucks coming out of computers replacing workers,  that they cannot see that they too will be declared obsolete? Do we really need a self-driving car, a machine that gets the stuff from the Amazon warehouse, an instrument that runs the house? Do we think there is no witch pretending to be grandma whom we visit in the woods. Are we unable to think to the 7th generation, to see how this invention will effect out children’s children’s ….  to see where our love for our new toy, machine as worker, will lead us.

With all of our human-destructive behavior, dumping chemicals everywhere that are moving swiftly to where life cannot exist, this machines running things is the joker in the pack. It will make its so-called owners obsolete and that is that.

Take the Price Tag Off

Everything has a price on it, and, for most, the price is exceedingly low but only for those who have got the bucks. We of that impoverished socio-economic class are expendable. The two things necessary for life, air and water, are for sale. Soon we will have water wars and drought tombs, while scarcity and waste create markets to propel those few at the top.

The corporations want to exude their waste into the air and water without paying for it and not looking back. They bribe the officials who are there to profit by selling off natural resources. Nestle’s corporation cornered Michigan that way, taking 400 tons of water per minute out of a great lake, every day for free.  

On the other hand, the people of Flint Michigan drink filthy water from corroded pipes pouring lead into their children’s brains, to save the state some pennies. Recently, they even stopped sending bottled water while the lead keeps pouring in. Only the rich get saved.

Life on the globe with ever less drinking water is unfortunate but also very profitable for the “thems” that control it. Money is a thing we have been taught to worship. Do you own stocks in a water eating firm? Do you pull down your mental shades so as not to see what it is being taken away and used up? You are thinking of retirement. Need money for that. Period.

Is everything for sale? Should it be? Do you think of the 7th generation when determining whether and what to do? Drilling for oil in the Arctic park as Trump intends will kill countless species. But look at the profit oil will make for the few. Given our obsession with extraction as if there need be no limit, it is a time for most us of to become extremely poor, a time of unbelievable profit for the few. How we admire those who are riding high. Our admiration is bizarre. We are applauding our downfall. Some even say that god has favored those who “got it.” They worship the god of theft.

Do we feel paralyzed and helpless? Do we hope to join the rich pack? Do we not know how to do anything about their price on the world? Are we afraid to talk about it and get on the rich folk’s kill’em list?

We need to live in a priceless world. Everything needs a right to exist, none above and none below. We need to protect Mother Earth and leave life in all its forms to reproduce, to morph into something new and wonderful. Hooray for the unexpected. We join the family of the living.

We need to greet each species with wonder. How amazing and beautiful. What talents does it possess? We enjoy as we pass each other with a spoken hello. We embrace those that come forward. We celebrate life. We protect water and air as a shared resource, not as a profit potential.


Fearful Thinking Will Kill Us



How did we get to the place where we stopped thinking of ourselves as part of a universal family? Your health and welfare and mine go hand in hand. Why now do we allow the one percent to totally rob us of our taxes to create new mansions they will live in whenever they get tired of the old one and to arm the warring factions so they can bring back the spoils? Those who would do this repeatedly tell us via TV and internet and papers on their payroll, that we are in danger. They beat the drum of helplessness and danger to magnify public fear until the warrior class is told to go ahead.

How did this community which supported peace and sharing change into one of it’s in it for me? How did a secure community turn into a powerless entity?

David Imhotep, Ph.D. found in his amazing research that blacks were the first ones in the Americas and came here some 40 or 50 maybe 60 thousand years ago. The number keeps getting bigger, using carbon dating and thermal luminescence of stone tools used some 50 to 100 thousand years ago. The Africans first came to Brazil. Writings found in caves using a combination of Egyptian and a kind of Hebrew script to tell their story.

They first built enormous mounds and then moved on to creating Pyramids. These enormous structures show people working together, as do their African plants dyes, styles of sculpture, etc. They smelted iron ore into iron. They were artists, engineer, astronomers, traders, healers, shaman. These mounds and pyramids are found around the globe. No one can figure out how so-called “primitives” raised enormous rocks weighing tons to great heights to create architectural symmetry. Place temple openings in terms of sun and moon and solstice and even Orion, a planet, were precise. We of the so-called more advanced culture, deny (and destroy) the products of these ancient cultures. We do it to sustain a myth of superiority.

Imhotep posited that it was the encroaching ice age that turned humans against group membership. It became I hold onto what I’ve got to survive. You are my enemy for wanting it. When the cold penetrates and there is little food, each family or individual is for itself

Focusing on self-interest is currently exacerbated by life-threatening climate changes caused by us. Money and power have caused us to let this happen and are not letting go of their hold. Money in their narrow focus is more important than survival. The publicists they support diminish their role in creating pollution and extol ever increasing warfare, said to protect ourselves from a fictitious enemy nation, basically to steal. We kill as we go. We, the public dwell in an emotional hell in which everyone who is of the wrong color, language, religion… is the enemy. We join the army because there are no jobs and learn to kill the “enemy.” We scream with programmed joy and rage while destroying schools and hospitals and water purification plants and fields and grandparents and children and… We are disassociated from life, turn into rabid, fearful plunderers who expect a solitary death.

We need to see ourselves and all life including plants and animals as a family and turn away from corporate violence before their incited violence erases us all. We need to form ever larger groups, no one left out.  We are all of the same genotype: human.


Seeking Comfort

Seeking comfort puts an end to growth. We are raised in a culture of addiction. Subduing pain is our primary focus. We ignore that pain is a cue to what needs attention. No questioning of cause. A cue tells us some part of our thinking, acting, or feeling is underused, misused, misunderstood, overfed. You name it.

That is the baby origin of of the pain. Then there is the current reality of  pain caused by being poor, overworked, unemployed, sick without necessary insurance of any insurance so no treatment is in sight, having, an unfed children, missing many of the basic necessities, in debt to your credit card, if you have one,  with no way out. There are the sexual outsiders, gay or trance people rejected by family and society. All of these individuals faced by problems they cannot solve, turn to addictive substances for relief. Is the issue for them getting off the drugs a “just say no” situation as Nancy Reagan once intoned? No. the drug taking will likely vanish if the government offers jobs and social services to help those who have accepted the worthless image.  

Those who extol the value of drugs do not want to deal with the facts. Many of them are supported by the drug industry which blinds or seduces them to underlying causes. oOur true dreams are ignored, dreams of becoming fuller people seeking what is meant by enlightenment, what is meant by loving. To get to that sacred place, we need to know our disowned and rejected and destructive parts, the buried places in self, created by a childhood lack of love. It is the child’s need to cover up the pain and fool the self which suppresses later growth. The grown adult self walks through an internal weed filled garden seeking the mystical gate. But there is no way around or out. The gate is not in some distant place. The gate is inside us and opened by weeding the garden and planting nutritious and beautiful and helpful growing things in whatever way you perceive it.

The idea that we should focus on avoiding or ending pain without getting to the root of it has a lot to do with money—not our money, but the money of those who sell pain relievers in many forms, especially the pharmaceutical industry pushing drugs to end anxiety, worry, obsession, fear, hallucination, addiction. The drug itself becomes addictive since our need for it grows as the underlying issue pushes into our awareness. Take a pill the manufacturers scream or beg, and your problem will end. But no, it resides beneath the chemical ice and reappears once you give up the pill even stronger than before due to the time you spent not dealing with its screaming need.

You were an unloved baby and now you act as if love is insignificant, so long as your consciousness is quelled by a drug. You feel discomfort when stopping. The drug industry and the doctors who are its foot soldiers insist that this proves you need even more if it.

Do not be seduced and distracted. You are detoxing, getting rid of the drug chemicals stored in the liver, the fat and elsewhere which harms you. You are disowning as a historical event, the way you as a child dealt with the unbearable. Don’t make a religion out of finding ways to cover up. The gold you seek is knowledge that will set you free.

    Nightmares Have Meaning


In my nightmare, I was attending a religious ceremony. The congregation had dutifully attended, largely as a social event, and a point of pride—a kind of “I went to church today, did you?” The minister was similarly delivering a well-rehearsed, most likely regurgitated sermon with a superficial air of caring for his words. I imagine his theme came from the twelve-step program. He said we do what we can with our addictive behavior and accept what we cannot do right now. A short, dark immigrant man with his son, say seven or eight years old, approached the metal gate surrounding the speaker’s dais.

The man was prepared to ask for help when the minister drew a gun from his robes and shot the man, then his son, then himself. The parishioners arose in shock, jumping up and down, flinging their arms in the air, the women screaming. Someone sent for the police.

A dream you say. Worthless garbage. Ignore it. Oh no. Stop. Associate to your memory. What is the dream telling you? There are many messages coded here, some of them learned events recorded for their personal value, some your own concoction. All of them important.

Religion has been misused throughout the ages. The United States sent missionaries to the South American jungle to learn local native languages into which they translated the bible in order to convert the natives. Once herded into small groups living close together, the women in breast covering mumu’s and all susceptible to the mosquito bites and malaria. The institutions funding these missions had come to dig oil. The converted natives have surrendered their entitlement to the land.

Take seekers of the holy grail, surely a religious group that raped and pillaged their way across Europe. Take the current Indonesian police murdering people of the Rohinga group and forcing all to flee in order to keep their land. And Sung Su Chi, a finally freed winner of the Nobel Peace Prize ignores it. She has learned when not to speak.

Why does the minister shoot the undocumented immigrant and his son who seek his help? Why do we US citizens allow our government to treat them as criminals and lock them up?

The minister knows himself as  two people, one a phony power, the other a helpless weakling. The  cleric doles out pity rather than empathy to keep the goods of office. He feels hatred for the other weaklings among him, with whom he secretly puts himself. The monster seeking power kills them as a rejected self. Then the monster devoid of humanity kills his inadequate self as well.

I was only pulled out of my nightmare by the alarm clock ringing its soprano code. For how long had it been singing? This post is only a part of our own alarm clock, our early morning soprano song, a warning. For how long must it ring before we wake up?